A New Hope

Soooo… I decided the cure for a blah project made with blah fabric, was to buy the most beautiful fabric I could find. My gorgeous and talented Aunt Carter sent me a gift card to Fabric Depot for Christmas. I went “over-budget” by $25, but I got all of the supplies (except for interfacing) for my birthday party dress. Nerd alert: Make a pretty dress, I will (Yoda speak).

I bought 3 yards of the loveliest emerald green silk dupioni I’ve ever seen. I think this is the most money I will ever spend on fabric, but I’ve been feeling low recently and indulged in a little retail therapy. I also bought some celery green rayon bemberg lining. It looks yellow in this photo, but it’s almost lime green. I think the bright celery green, peaking out under the folds of the skirt will be a nice and fun contrast. In addition to the fabric, I also bought a matching zipper, thread, and boning.

I’m excited about working with the boning. While I never wrote a post detailing sewing goals for the new year, they include trying new skills such as using boning, making bound buttonholes, and drafting my own personal sloper.

What, dear readers, you may ask am I making with this special fabric? I’m going to try my hand at Vogue 1227, a Rebecca Taylor design. My 29th birthday is a little over a month away so hopefully this will give me enough time to make a muslin (or two) and get the fit perfect. I want to look bangin’, in a sexy mini dress before I leave my twenties.

Back to my talented Aunt Carter, she has an album available for download on Amazon you should check out. She sings jazz and Broadway standards and has the raddest singing voice. She’s playing Patsy Cline right now in “Always Patsy Cline”, she’s awesome! Carter Calvert & the Roger Cohen Trio