Back Home!

So, I had every intention to finish my cape before I left for my Christmas vacation. Yeah right! That didn’t happen. I’ll get back to work on that this upcoming week.

I did make a few handmade Christmas gifts. Chris and I picked tons of blackberries this summer on Sauvie Island and made jam. Truth be told, he did almost all of the work while I read The Hunger Games trilogy and laid in the sunshine. Our next batch will have a little more sugar and less seeds (I’ll probably help a little more).


I also made a few doll clothes for my little cousin’s American Girl doll. I bought 3 different doll patterns when Simplicity patterns were on sale, so I think I’ll make a few more outfits when the mood strikes. Doll clothes are pretty fun to make. It was nice how quickly it came together, but setting in tiny sleeves can be fussy.

Chris and I traveled to his mom’s house in North Carolina for the holidays. I had gotten it in my head that I would find hundreds of sewing patterns from the 1940’s at the antique stores in town. No such luck, but I am happy with what I found. I bought this delicate beaded collar at one antique store. I’m on the hunt now for a pretty high necked navy sweater to wear with this. It’s so darling! I can’t imagine the hours that went into making this.

I also bought 16 yards of antique lace, a large jar of buttons, and this neat little snap setting tool. It was a very nice trip with family and I have some fun new sewing notions to play with. Bye!