Ballet Dress Redux

DSC03296This is my second version of Dixie DIY’s Ballet Dress Pattern (here is my first). I used some really luxe feeling fabric I found in the jersey table in the flat fold annex (ie the cheap stuff) at Mill End. Usually the jersey they have is of the not very stretchy, tissue thin, pilly variety. This jersey feels quite spongy to the touch and is very soft and stretchy. I think this must be some sort of rayon/ lycra blend.

DSC03273I added 3 inches to the bodice length. This now fits me at my natural waist and doesn’t have an empire waist look to it. I also cut a small instead of a medium and it fits just right now. On a side note Dixie, changed her pattern recently to be 2 inches longer in the waist. I made this one sleeveless (summer summer summertime, yo), and my favorite modification is the lace neckline.

DSC03271This lace came from a *very* loved t-shirt I bought at Urban Outfitter about 4 or 5 years ago. It had definitely seen better days. It had yellow underarms and holes– the works. It was time to say goodbye. I carefully cut it off of that grody old t-shirt and edge stitched it on using a normal straight stitch. Then I used my small embroidery scissors to cut the  jersey away from the lace on the wrong side. There is a little bit of skin peak-a-boo through the lace. This would be a very easy way to fancy up any simple tee or dress.

DSC03290I constructed the entire dress (except for the lace) on my serger. This was the first time I was able to do that. Man was that fast and easy!  The tension was never right and it would pull apart, so I only used it to finish seams before. I took it to Modern Domestic to be serviced and she purrs like a kitten now. I highly recommend them, they even let you use their fancy pants machines in their studio while yours is being serviced. Since this was my first time using my serger to construct I went a little too fast and my waist seams don’t quite match. I decided to make a long sash/ belt to tie around my waist to hide it. Design flaw or design feature?

DSC03287My stripes match in the bodice, but I didn’t have enough fabric to make them match in the skirt as well. I was able to match the first group of stripe in the skirt, but that was it. Whatevs, NBD… amirite?!?!?

DSC03297Byeeeeeeeeeeee!!! xx, Cynthia


27 thoughts on “Ballet Dress Redux

  1. I love the colours in this dress- they are so summery and remind me of ice lollies! And that lace applique on the neckline is stunning!- what a clever idea and fantastic use of an old well loved tee! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous second version…you’ve made me want to revisit that pattern asap! I love your summery fabric and the lace insert is so sweet!

  3. So cute! I love the lace feature with the stripes- the perfect summer dress! And snaps for rescuing the lace from a well loved piece- looks awesome!

  4. My word you’re so stinkin’ cute. If I was in love with this fabric from instagram, now I want to marry it. SO. RAD. And I love that you McGyvered a way to reuse that lace!

  5. I loooove that bright striped print! Super adorable, and the lace is a great touch. The old favorite t shirt will live on! Thanks for sharing the pattern 🙂

      • Countarnlatiogs! I am so happy you have gotten your book published!!! You are an encouragement to many. We would love to do a book review at Sashay Magazine; look forward to reading.

      • You made this content smart and very engaging and I think that’s great. This is wonderful reading material that’s good for anyone that likes to read informational articles. Thank you.

  6. This is sooo adorable! I love the lace. This dress looks so cute on you and I love your whole photo shoot.

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