3B25F4AD-4D67-45F0-89C7-E8A5C28F10C3-12201-000009FDA7911A8F I wasn’t sure about taking photos in my homemade bathing suit, that I posted a photo of about a month ago. I knew I was over-due to post a pattern review and details, but I decided to be brave and post photos in the suit as well. You can’t really tell what something looks like, when it’s not on a body. I’m even going to show you the backside (yikes!) Ladies, we’ve got  to start loving the skin we’re in… amirite?

This was made using Kwik Sew 3875. Ya’ll, I think I’m hooked on making my own swimwear from now on. You can pick whatever fabrics you want, you use so little it’s super economical (this only required 3/4 yard), you get to make your dream suit, and it’s actually pretty easy. Who knew? I already have the fabric bought to make another bikini, and I’m totally going to make the Bombshell Suit. Hmmm…. I also want a bikini with a high-waisted bottom and halter-top. I’m getting excited. I’m sure you’ve noticed the river in the background of my blog photos recently. It’s out my back door, is this  real life? After work today, my husband and I hopped into our inner tubes and floated while drinking beers. This summer is gonna be my jam, and I need MOAR bathing suits! Squeeee.

D28AD219-2A9F-4B20-B0D6-45FB94A60028-12201-000009FDF7C4FF74Now that I got that out if the way, I can talk about this swimsuit. Since this is my first attempt there are definitely a few things I would like to do differently next time, but I’m pretty pleased with the final outcome. I found this fabric locally. The metallic blue wasn’t actually with the swimwear fabric. I think it’s intended for “dance” costumes (hopefully that doesn’t bring all of the google creeps to my blog… shudder). It has the right amount of stretch, but it’s already starting to lose it’s shine on high stress areas (mainly my booty). I also found this white fabric with a thin gold stripe (I wish I had bought more, because they’ve sold out of it and I really love it). I really liked the way they looked together. My grandpa was in the Navy, so I think it’s in my DNA to like nautical fashion.

1449C1B9-C0E8-43A0-9C35-5CB16E399DD5-12201-000009FD907A9C92Besides the swimwear fabric, making this suit required a few different supplies than I normally use. It is lined with a flesh colored spandex lining, it used 3/4 inch “cotton elastic”, and there are two pieces of boning along the sides of the bust for support. I wish I added bra cups. I might add a halter strap still.

I had to experiment, but I found using my walking foot to be invaluable in helping this sticky/grabby fabric feed through my sewing machine. I used two different types of stretch stitches. I used a triple straight stitch for all of the seams and any top-stitching. I also used a triple zig-zag stitch to attach the elastic to the suit. You should of course experiment on your machine, but I found those two stitches to have the most elasticity to them.

22C2722D-FF69-45F4-AFAD-37F6AD9B7426-12201-000009FFE4BB021DThe pattern directions that came with the pattern were excellent, and I also found the swimsuit sew-a-long posts from Dixie DIY (I’m starting to sound like a weird fan girl over here) to be very helpful. I made a size small on the top and bottom, but I will make a medium bottom in the future. As is, this bikini does the dreaded muffin top bulge over (note how my hand is on my hip in these photos artfully hiding that part). I was pleasantly surprised by the low cut bottom, so many sewing patterns come out a bit matronly.

This suit has already been in hot springs, a hot tub, a  pool and the river and has held up fine with no wardrobe malfunctions. I have had concerns about the top not being supportive enough,  just the nature of bandeau tops. I can happily report that the top received it’s greatest test yet when the mister pushed me in when we were done taking picture. Everything stayed where it was supposed to! No nip slips… YAY!

B5FBE0D7-5FC5-4DF3-8877-F28D1FB2A031-12201-00000A014915E331I also wanted to show you the new sandals I got today. Saltwater’s, I think they’re cute even if they’re baby shoes. They’ll be perfect for my vacation I’m going on next week. Also, Bacon let me bury him in the sand last week. He’s too funny, I love that ugly mug so much! Also, I broke my serger (#sadface). Hopefully it can be fixed, I dropped it off at Modern Domestic. Sorry if this post is a bit manic, I’m over-caffeinated and under-fed at the moment. A dangerous combo

xx, Cynthia


17 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Bacon is a hoot. And such a great name.
    The swimsuit is adorable. And I have to tell you that if I had your figure I’m pretty sure I’d go to the supermarket in a swimsuit, just to show off. 😉 You look gorgeous.
    I’m just a little bit envious of your river at the bottom of the garden. A fabulous way to spend the summer.

  2. You are one brave lady, but you had nothing to worry about! You and the bikini are both hawt, hawt, hawt!!! I’d love to try make some swimwear soon…though unless I get to go on holiday I won’t be wearing it any time soon in the UK :o( Bacon is so cool…what a fun doggie!

  3. So after sewing for my little monsters for a few years I came across your simplicity 2444 pattern and fell for it. I think it’s in your profile pic too! Anyways, long story short I ended up buying the pattern and diving into my first homemade clothing item. It turned out pretty damn good so thanks for the motivation. ❤ Killer suit, i wonder if it would be all that difficult to make a bra-top style suit, cause my tata's are like nada.
    Here's the link to the dress: I chose the sleeveless version, HOW DID YOU FIGURE OUT THOSE SLEEVES?? mine kept puffing at the top causing a hideous 80's inspired look & I ended up ripping them out. Maybe the next one I will try them again? Maybe.


  4. It looks great! I love bikini’s with frills around the hips – the bottoms of my all-time favourite bikini are identical to yours 🙂 I think you’re looking faantabulous in it!

  5. Your dog buried in the sand has seriously made my day. I can’t believe he allowed that! He must be one chill pup. The swimsuit is FAB! The ruffled bottoms are so so cute.

  6. Oh, your bathing suit is just divine, I just love that little ruffle! Kudos for modelling it on your blog. I’m in the midst of making a bathing suit and not sure if I will actually model it, or just hang it up and photograph it. 😛 Although if you come to the beach with me, I will model it! And, you dog buried in the sand. SO CUTE, I have a bit of a cute head-ache!

  7. I understand your reticence to post pics of yourself in a swimsuit. OH DO I. I realized today I am half naked in a lot of corners of the interweb… all because I didn’t have time to make sample suits for my skinny friends. But you know what? Fuck it. We’re all just bags of skin and bones. Your bag is pretty tight dude. Super cute suit – I was eying a similar flashy gold lycra but my lycra guy told me it would not age well… I think a more long-lasting metallic would probably be a “wet look” gold or silver… I think all those lame suits we see in the past were not really meant to get wet… Really excited to see your swimsuit experiments and I will try not to cry every time I see you on that dock…. Floating in inner tubes after work with beers? JERKS.

  8. Love the photo of your mutt buried in sand! So cute! Sashi would never sit still for that… lol.

    And wow! You look great in the suit! as someone else said, I’d wear that everywhere if I had your shape!

  9. I can’t believe your dog let you bury him in sand! I couldn’t get mine to sit still long enough lol! Gorgeous bathers, and you look great!!! Bummer about the overlocker.

  10. Ahhhh, this looks awesome! Seriously cute suit! I’m pretty jealous, though… can I move in with you guys? I promise I’ll be real quiet and I’ll even walk the dogs! You won’t even know I’m there!

    Bacon is ridiculous. He seems like the coolest dude. Heart his face!

  11. so ive been wanting to try to make a bathing suit but ive never really done anything like that other than make a shirt fit better… do you think this would be easy enough for a beginner or should i try other things first??

    • I would maybe try to make a few pairs of panties because attaching the elastic can be a little tricky if you don’t have much experience. If that goes well, why not?

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