DSC03015 SRSLY… I love this dress!!! This is my first version of Cambie by Sewaholic Patterns. I just know I’m going to make a metric shit ton more. This pattern is my dream dress. Tasia is a diva queen of thread and I’ve gotta give her major props for designing this sweet little number. I didn’t buy this when the pattern first came out because it’s a little spendy, but I found it for 50% off at Modern Domestic, and I pounced on it.

DSC03025This dress swishes like magic when I walk. I can’t help but twirl and preen while wearing it. I’m a vain little thing in this dress. Gush, gush, gush

DSC03039I made this using some stashed cotton sateen, it’s really thin and airy too (could it be a lawn/ voile and a sateen… is that a thing?) I dunno. I bought the cotton a little over a year ago and I love the graphic print on it.  It’s lined with rayon bemberg. Man that shit’s expensive… I need to find a cheaper source. I added almost $30 to the price of this dress just on the lining. Yeah, I’m not one you thrifty stitchers that can brag about your gorgeous ball gowns made out of thrifted sheets and love for only $3.99.

DSC03035I made my  muslin in a size 6 and it looked good, but had zero ease. I cut this dress out in a size 8 and increased the seam allowance to get the fit where I wanted it. Tasia shows you lots of tips and tricks to make the insides as beautiful as the outside. I even took the time to hand sew the hem using a slip stitch., since I already loved this dress so much.

DSC03019The only thing I don’t like is my zipper installation. I used a vintage metal invisible zipper, and the teeth were too large to use my invisible zipper foot. I had to use my regular zipper foot, and I wasn’t able to get as close to the teeth as I wanted to. A quick question for you: How do you keep the lining on a full skirt from getting caught in the zipper? I have to be careful to avoid chewing up the lining. Anybody else have this happen to them?

DSC03023I think on my next version I’m going to drop the neckline down a little bit, but that’s not a criticism. I love this dress to pieces. I’ve demanded my mister take me out on a proper fancy date this weekend so I can wear this. I’m thinking dinner and Jurassic Park in 3D. A quick tangent: Did you know it’s the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park? Yowzers, that makes me feel old.

xx, Cynthia


34 thoughts on “SRSLY <3

  1. The fit! The fabric! The general awsomeness of this make! What a fabulous frock- it has to be one of the best Cambies I have seen around. This totally deserves some dinner and being scared out of your wits by raptors in a kitchen!

  2. It’s beautiful, you’ve done a great job on it! And your hair is growing so fast by the way! I don’t have any tips for the zip/lining issue by the way…it happens to me too :o(

  3. I also love the Cambie but did not buy due to spendy…. but maybe I should? This is gorgeous. Perfect print. I like that you also lower necklines. Girls need to breathe. And yo…. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DOCK?? Can you swim off it? JEALZ.

  4. I loooooooooooove this on you! So freakin’ cute! It’s such a perfect style for you, and the fabric is oh so rad! Dude, have a great time at Jurassic Park! I went to see it in the theater a few months ago on a double date with another JP-obsessed friend, and it was SO AMAZING to see it on the big screen again! I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk Man Friend into the 3D even as he and my buddy’s girlfriend were both rolling their eyes hardcore while us true fans were freaking out. Such an awesome movie. It does feel like forever since it came out, but TWENTY YEARS?! We’re old. OK, I just talked about Jurassic Park a lot. But I’m not embarrassed.

  5. Beautiful! This is perfect. I’ve been working on a green gingham cambie and for some reason it’s been a struggle. I put it aside to keep my sanity but your dress is making me jealous! Must… Finish…

  6. Lovely version, that’s a truly great print. I hadn’t felt the need for this pattern, but seeing this loverly version makes me think daughter no2 would look quite good in it…

  7. Oh, it’s gorgeous! Great job — I want to see pics of the inside, too! Twenty years since JP came out? I do feel old. I was working in biotech PR at the time (blech, not for me!) and our boss took us out to see it. He justified it by saying our clients would be worried about the public perception of the dangers of biotechnology. 🙂

  8. It’s so pretty!! I’ve always loved this pattern and finally picked up a copy… I hope to make it soon, as soon as I can find some fabric, anyway. Just an FYI, you can buy Bemberg Rayon for cheaper online than locally (I’m assuming you got yours locally, anyway… and my fabric store it’s $12 a yard, OUCH). It’s $6/yard at Mood and also at the Vogue Fabrics website. Vogue has more color options, but I think Mood’s shipping is cheaper.

    Also, your HAIR. Your hair is looking amazing right here!!

  9. ARGH! I love Tasia’s patterns and have been eyeing this pattern for so long, and this fabulous version is so not helping! Also, just started following your blog and the stuff you make is rad. (In a good way; I’m not sure if rad is a legit description word anymore but it fits.)

  10. So lovely! Man, the Cambie must be a genius pattern because it seems like everyone looks good them! I might need to hop on this train. . .
    So what part of the lining is getting caught in the zip? Just the bits right next to it? I used to have that problem, so I started whipstitching the edges down all the way around about 1/8″ from the teeth.

  11. It looks so good!! It makes me want to order up a Cambie pattern immediately.

    For lining, have you tried pongee? I get it at Joann Fabrics for $5/yard. It’s easy to sew and soft and not staticky.

  12. This is ADORABLE! I love the pattern to bits anyway (just finished my own Cambie) but in combination with the graphic print….WOW! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  13. I read your blog for the first time and THIS DRESS -and also the top to go to swim posted on July- are SOOOOO PRETTY !! Just perfect on you!
    You give me some ideas.. 😉

  14. Love your dress…I am checking out reviews on PatternReview. Assuming the skirt lining is what you are asking about, just slip stitch the lining to the zipper tape instead of hanging free. If the problem is in the bodice, just prick stitch the lining in place along the zipper tape to keep it from falling in the zipper track. Slippery fabrics do want to move. The next time you line, use a light cotton for the bodice lining and the Bemberg for the skirt. The cotton will be more perspiration friendly anyway.

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