Come on Spring!!!

DSC02966 Hey ya’ll!!! Did you miss me? I had to take a little bloggy break because I wasn’t feeling it, but now I’m back in the saddle. I had a case of writers block, and then I felt gross in some outfit photos. So I took a little break to gain some perspective. I’ve kept up sewing these past 2-ish months and I might get around to posting what I’ve made (but I probably won’t). If you follow me on Instagram (cynbular) you can see what I’ve sewn.

Since I last checked in, I’ve moved into a bigger apartment by the river (these photos are taken on our private dock?!?!?!). I’m so bourgeois now. Unfortunately, our rent is higher and I have much less money (AKA none) in the budget for sewing related expenses. Confession: I “donated” plasma to buy some fabric a while back. Desperate times people! I guess that makes me a sewing addict. I also reached 200 followers, which is rad. Hi, everybody!

DSC02964Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me get to the good shit. I’m desperate for Spring to start and I think that’s obvious by this not quite weather appropriate outfit. Brrr… it was chilly when I took these photos today.

The skirt is Simplicity 1690, one of the newer Leanne Marshall designs. I played with the directions of the stripes to have a little fun with the ruffle. This went together well and I’ve also made the blouse pattern for my mom. This pattern is fine by me. The only snafu I had was from not reading the directions. I ended up making this a little too tight so I fixed that by adding this little button and tab on the waistband to give me a little more room. I’m undecided on my fabric choice though. It’s a nice cotton sateen, that I was hoping would read as nautical. Looking at these photos it reads as more of a prison/ jailbird stripe.

DSC02967The t-shirt is made using the Maria Denmark Birgitte basic tee pattern. This is the size small. This pattern is a great basic pattern to make yourself some cake with.

It was hard to get this color to photograph well. It’s a *super* bright neon yellow cotton jersey. I think I’m going to go back and finish the sleeves and hems with bands because I had a hard time getting the tension with my twin needle right, and it looks tunneled.

DSC02962I also made the flower in my hair. Gosh, I love my hot glue gun. I just muslined the bodice for Cambie, and it looked awesome, so I think that will be next. I also muslined Retro Butterick 5209, hoping it could be my Sew for Victory dress. That was bad news. There was so much side boob I looked like Miley Cyrus. That was been knocked out of the sewing queue.

xx, Cynthia


24 thoughts on “Come on Spring!!!

  1. Great skirt. It doesn’t read so much as nautical to me as it does that scene from My Fair Lady at the races with all the black and white and draped skirts, only updated to a more modern length.

  2. Love your whole look – and the colour of that tee is amazing. I have been meaning to make the Maria Denmark tee for some time – this has inspired me!

  3. Cynthia, you just made me laugh so hard. BLOOD FOR FABRIC?! I think that’s the greatest thing anyone has ever done for this crazy hobby we seem to sacrifice everything for…. Also welcome back. Nice to see that pretty face of yours. That fabric is freaking awesome so I wouldn’t second guess it. LOVE the handpainted stripe look. Where did you get it?! Reminds me of something a character would have worn in Crybaby. I never really looked twice at that skirt pattern but it’s pretty spesh with the stripe. I would also like to know where that neon jersey came from. And what blood bank I should visit to buy it.

  4. Yay, welcome back! I literally checked your blog the other day to make sure I hadn’t missed any posts ;o) I love your makes, especially the use of direction for the stripes!!! You look gorgeous as always!

  5. Spring’s ALMOST here!! And congrats on reaching 200 followers! I am one of them :). The skirt is very cute! Love black and white and the side details on this one are really fun.

  6. I love the Simplicity skirt, you rock it with the stripes! I can’t wait for spring either, but until then I still have snowboarding to continue to distract me from sewing! Boo on no sewing money, but yay for the gorgeous view you now have and the private dock. Hello summer hanging out on the water!

  7. This is adorable!!! I love that crazy neon– what a great color!

    Congrats on the new pad! You guys must be happy as clams, even if your sewing money’s taken a hit. Maybe you should charge your friends to dock their paddleboats?

  8. I love the skirt! Definitely not prison vibey. Sooo jealous of your deck. I love my condo but I have no private outdoor space and that is the one thing (other than a gas stove) that is not totally perfect.

  9. I was searching around for some finished results of the simplicity 2444 and ran into your blog. Totally fun& inspiring. I was glad to see that you are still blogging and I will be following you hoping for some awesome spring apparel to get me excited about sewing an outfit for myself rather than my kids.

    Your new dock looks gorgeous. You can totally make it worth the money& still sew (plasma comes back right?? lol!)


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