I’m a Sewaholic!

DSC02828 Happy new year! I hope everyone survived the holidays. I’m back with my first sewn item of 2013, the Thurlow trouser.

These pants feature a lot of “firsts” for me. My first Sewaholic pattern, pants, fly front zipper, and also welt pockets. I followed along with the Thurlow sewalong, which made these a breeze to construct. Thanks to Lauren I had success with my very first welt pocket ever attempted.

DSC02825I cut a size 6, but then ended trimming off an inch from both side seams. I’ll start with a 4 next time I make these (and there will definitely be a next time). The curved waist band makes these *so* comfortable, the rise is just right, and they don’t show booty crack when I bend over…. HOLLA!!! Thank you Tasia! All of my RTW pants, if they fit my thighs are too big in the waist. These fit both areas, it’s a great day.

DSC02819I made these using some of the bolt of stretch denim I got for super cheap at Scrap. The fabric was donated by Columbia Sportswear, and is very heavy duty. I was concerned that it would be too bulky, but I just took extra care in pressing and used my clapper to make all of my creases super crisp and flat. I lined these using a little bit of a Michael Miller sugar skull print I had in my stash. I love how colorful and fun the interior is.

DSC02833I really like these pants, but I’m not sure if they’ll have much longevity. I had a couple oops. I didn’t muslin these since I have so much of the denim, so that’s bound to be the case. I accidentally serged a hole in the crotch trying to finish a seam. I darned it and put some fray check over the hole, but this denim is extremely prone to fraying. I also think I cut a little *too* close to the “windows” when I made my welts and I can see a tiny bit of fraying in the corners. Mistakes are just a part of the learning process though, my next pants are just going to be that much better 🙂

DSC02818I haven’t decided if I’m going to write a year end round up post, with my sewing resolutions for the new year. My number one resolution is to take my time and work on fit. I did that with these pants and they feel so comfortable because of that.

DSC02830xx, Cynthia


29 thoughts on “I’m a Sewaholic!

  1. They look pretty darn good! Even better because you know when you go back to sew up another pair it’ll be sweet sailing all the way though. Major bummer about the serger hole though :-\

  2. Great and the lining is completely awesome. I’m a complete Sewaholic, the only patterns I’ve haven’t got are the skirts. I’ve just made the Lonsdale (blogged) and its gorgeous. Oh and I made a Pendrell this weekend – soon to be blogged. All the patterns so far have been fabulous!

  3. awesome make! I had much the same experience with mine 🙂
    Love them for the same reasons – ‘comfortable, the rise is just right, and they don’t show booty crack when I bend over….’ yay for pants that fit my thighs and don’t gape at the waist!!

  4. awesome pants! i love the thurlow, it’s just sooo much better than other patterns. i especially love how they look in denim, been wanting to make the exact same thing for myself!

  5. I normally just stalk your blog, but I had to say that all I noticed in this post is your beautiful hair! I love how it has that lightly curled look. Nice Thurlows, btw!

  6. Those are really great! I love the whole outfit in fact. Sewing a pair of trousers for MYSELF is one of my “Sew-lutions” for the year. I’ve made tons of mens trousers but never any for me, who can rarely find a pair to fit. Shoemaker’s syndrome, right! In anycase I enjoy your blog and look forward to more!

  7. It’s great to see this pattern made up as jeans. I made a pair of pants with this pattern & remember thinking it would make a great pair of jeans, you’ve definitely inspired me to give it a go! Now I just have to find some nice stretch denim.

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