New Vintage Skirt


My latest skirt is made from Simplicity 8099, a “miniskirt” pattern from 1969. I use the term miniskirt loosely because this is the length it ended up after I removed 3″ from the pattern and made a 2″ hem. Not very mini, if you ask me. I made this using some navy fine wale corduroy I thrifted. I chose this pattern, because of the interesting pocket detail. It’s basically a patch pocket that is slip-stitched on and also doubles as a belt loop. The zipper is lapped (my new favorite method). DSC02777DSC02774DSC02776

I found this sweater at a thrift store and I’m pretty sure it’s part of an old marching band uniform. Pretty groovy.

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll notice that my hair is much shorter. I got my hair cut in the “Halo” style invented by Vidal Sassoon in the 60’s. I loved my hair right after I got it cut, but unfortunately I can’t get my hair as sleek and straight as the stylist did. It sort of ends up looking like a fluffy mushroom top so it looks like I will be wearing headbands for the foreseeable future. Here’s a photo from my Instagram showing it right after it got chopped.e18dab9c3c0511e2851922000a9e084f_7

Sigh…. I’m missing my long hair. Oh well, hair grows.


27 thoughts on “New Vintage Skirt

  1. Oh, I like this! I’ve been really into corduroy lately. Lapped zippers are my fave, too, but I’m still trying to figure out how to finish the top properly.
    I think your hair is cute! It has a mischievous vibe 🙂 But I really think stylists use some sort of black magic to get hair to look amazing for the first day.

  2. Your skirt is cute, and is a real fine match with that period cut! I love those Vidal jobs – sorry you are having trouble styling it but you look fabulous with short hair. Really frames your lovely face.

  3. Cool skirt! Love that cute jumper too :o) And I like the hair cut, but it’s annoying how you can never get your hair to look as good as a hairdresser would – sigh.

  4. Your skirt is adorable and goes so well with your new found sweater as well! As for the hair, I think it’s super cute! Even though styled it looks very slick, I actually think that the way you style it is softer and very feminine! So a winner both ways! And as you say, hair grows…life’s too chort not to enjoy a change or two ;o)

  5. Love the skirt. So cute. And that sweater makes me drool. I seriously have sweater envy. Lol. I really really LOVE the hairstyle on you, you’re so beautiful and it really frames your face. I totally understand not being able to reproduce it though. I worked at a salon for like 6 months when I was a teenage and there is an art to the “blow dry” that gets it that sleek gorgeousness. So annoying.

  6. Super-cute skirt and that sweater is such a score! So perfect for a vintage look.

    My hairdresser does AMAZING haircuts that last forever. But she’s not great at styling me. I always tell her “no anchorwoman hair” and come out looking like an anchorwoman. I actually think this is one of her strengths, because I don’t walk out of the salon with an unobtainable ‘do. I know I’ll like it much better when it’s just washed and air dried. I am sure you will ease into loving the new hair, even if it isn’t exactly like it looked in the salon.

  7. Adorable skirt and sweater. Why didn’t we wear anything that cute when I was in marching band? Would you believe they put us in berets and wool grandma vests? That was the end of my band career.

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