Magic Rainbow Unicorn Princess

Yeah, the title says it all. What are you going to be for Halloween? I really wish Suzanne made me a Twilight Sparkle costume as well. Hers is rad.

This dress is pretty slapdash. I completed it in 2 sewing binges and barely finished in time for the event I went to. For some reason, at the last minute, I decided to add cotton batting to the breast cups and boning. That turned this into a lot more trouble than something that is only destined to be worn a few times. However, I feel like a learned a lot and will hopefully make an amazing bombshell dress when I get around to it.

I used McCall’s 6331 for the bodice, which Neeno has made a million times. You should check out some of her versions. This is a “perfect fit” pattern and has different pattern pieces for different bra sizes. This came out a little big, but I think that is because of the fabric I used. The quick muslin I did fit perfectly. I made this with the rest of the cotton sateen I made my peplum top with. This dress has the same issue of being too big. I think it’s because there is some stretch to the fabric, but not good recovery. It just grows the more you handle it. o_O

I added white piping to all of the seams in the bodicefor contrast. I also made a little bow out of the piping and placed that center front. I got the furry boots and horn at a sex shop of all places. They’ve got lots of Halloween costumes right now, random.

the guts

For the skirt I used the circle skirt pattern I’ve drafted. So much fun for dancing in. I felt like a dizzy swirl of colors.

xx, Cynthia


12 thoughts on “Magic Rainbow Unicorn Princess

  1. Yayayyayaya! Love it!!! The piping really defines the “bustier” sexiness of the bodice, and your top stitching is quite pro!
    My top stitching was HORRIBLE. I removed it and never attempted it again.
    I love your version with the strap, it’s really flattering so I might give it a go:)
    Circle skirts rock!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I’d happily make you a Twilight Sparkle costume — in only to hear from actual words of appreciation from its wearer. (kids = ungrateful). You look adorable though. Love it!

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