Help a Sister Out

EHRRRRMAGAWD guys!!!! I’m one of the final five contestants to win a new Bernette by Bernina sewing machine from Craftstylish. I entered my Bow dress (which has been my most popular make by far) into this contest. You were supposed to enter an item of clothing you’ve made that shows off your personal style.

Please vote for me, I’d be eternally grateful!!!! I can’t put enough exclamation points into this post!!!!! All links and photos lead to this contest if you click on them in my post. To vote, scroll to the bottom of the page, highlight the circle next to my photo, then vote. Then do it 20 more times!!!!!!!!!!!



22 thoughts on “Help a Sister Out

  1. I voted! That dress is literally my favorite thing I have seen on a blog, ever. I scoured the internet for similar fabrics to make my own, but never found anything! I hope you win!

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