Dood Stuff

 Mr. DapperDuds  (isn’t he cute!!!) was very patient and got rewarded with a bespoke t-shirt. After accompanying me to the flea market WAY FAR AWAY, we drove past Fabric Depot on the way home. I looked at him with puppy dog eyes and asked if we could, “pretty-please-stop-I-haven’t-checked-out-the-outdoor-sale-all-summer-long-because-it’s-so-far-out-and-it’s-almost-over-and-I-won’t-be-too-long-blah-blah-blah.” He reluctantly agreed, made a U-turn and we found ourselves there.

There wasn’t much left in the sale, but this turquoise (his favorite color) and grey striped knit caught his eye. He asked if he could have t-shirt made out of it, so I said “Absolutely!” He asks for things so infrequently, it was fun to make something new for him. Even though I have no men’s t-shirt patterns and super limited experience sewing with knit fabric, I felt confident.

I’m super proud of this because it’s one of the first things I’ve made all on my own.  My only beef with it is that the fabric is of the tissue thin variety (super soft though) so I don’t think this will be very long lasting. I traced around an old Greenpeace T-shirt he likes the fit of, evened out the lines, and then added seam allowance to make my own pattern. I had to cut this out as a single layer in order to match the stripes. Sewing this together was a breeze. I’ve started working 3 days a week in production for a luxury knitwear company, so I’ve got the order of construction for garments pretty firmly in my head. I matched the stripes along the side seam and invested in a twin needle. That made hemming and applying the neck band a much better looking process. American Apparel ain’t got shit on me 🙂

xx, Cynthia

Look how excited he is!


14 thoughts on “Dood Stuff

  1. Mr Dapper Duds is very cute indeed and so is the awesome T-shirt you made him. What a great idea…I may have to follow suit as I never make my boyfriend anything! Also, congrats on the new job, sounds very cool and exciting!

  2. Came over “from mine to yours” as they say.. (or maybe they don’t?) I love your blog!
    Awesome stripe matching! Love this! My dad has been bugging me to make a T shirt for him and I have been reluctant as I don’t have a pattern. Maybe I’ll trace it like you did!

  3. Hey, this looks awesome. Just wondering how you constructed the neckband – folded in half, then serged on the shirt RST and did you then use the twin needle with the middle (between the needles) right on top of the neckband/shirt seam? Does this make any sense?

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