I’m slowly working my way through my fall sewing plans. Here are two versatile separates  Today, I’m sharing with you the free dolman sleeve top from Cindy, and also Meringue from the Colette Sewing Handbook.

This top was made from a tube of sweatshirt knit, and a thick red knit that were both free. For some reason, I thought I had a huge amount of the sweatshirt knit, but in reality I had *just* enough to cut the front and back (maybe 3/4 of a yard). That’s why it has the contrast bands. With the bands I thought it looked a little bit like a boys ringer T-shirt, so I put a bow on it (because they’re cute duhhhhhh). I tried to add a kangaroo pouch like you get with a hoody, but my machine kept hating on me and it looked like shit. I have since bought a twin needle (it makes such a difference).

I really like this pattern, it was quick and easy. The only thing I had to change was to make the arm band longer. She must have tiny T-rex arms. I added an inch and they are still a wee bit tight. The neckline is wide, as Cindy mentions over on her blog. For any future makes I plan to add a few inches to the sleeve length. As you can see, they reach just above my elbows and I’m not terribly long limbed (I’m 5’5″ fwiw). I have worn this a ton since I made it. Comfortable, cozy, and cute. Winning!!! Thank you Cindy, you’re a doll 🙂

The skirt was made with some stretch denim from JoAnn’s. I’ve actually had this cut out for a a few months o_O. It just took me a while to get to it for some reason. I feel kind of meh about this skirt (maybe that’s why I was so slow to make it). I love the scalloped hem but the fit is a little weird around the waist.I inserted an invisible zipper into the side seam and invisibly stitched the hem facing into place. I need to do the same for the waist facing because it rolls out the top even with understitching.  Naturally it was easy to sew, and came together perfectly.

This top has got me on a knit kick. I’ve been concentrating so much on woven fabric because it’s more challenging, but knits are what I generally live in.

xx, Cynthia


5 thoughts on “Two-fer

  1. what a cute me made outfit. The boy definitely adds a touch of adutness (is that a word?). I don’t think the skirt is that bad but I think it is worn incorrectly. I think it would look better with a woven blouse. Chiffon, maybe? I’ve actually been looking for a cute denim pencil skirt.

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