Autumn/ Winter Sewing Plans

I’m starting to come up with a plan for my cold weather sewing and I thought I’d share them with you.

I’ve already mentioned the coat I want to make with some Pendleton wool. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make to make McCall’s 6442 with it. I just love the hood. I will most likely begin work on that in mid October.

I also really want to make a  winter weight dress. All of my dresses are light cotton or rayon. I have some pretty blue wool, and I’d like to make something inspired by what Kenley wore on episode 3 of this season’s   Project Runway. I don’t think I’ll do the contrast cuffs though. I have some seed pearl beads and I’d like to bedazzle the peter pan collar with them and make a matching cream colored belt.

Mostly, I want to make separates. I’ve already started work on that front. I love the look of short circle skirts for fall, like this one. I’ve already made one in brown corduroy. I’m just letting it hang right now so I can hem it. I also have black corduroy to make a second.

I’m planning on making a few bow-tie blouses and shells with some of my lighter 1 yard cuts of fabric. I’m going to start work today on the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s book. That will use up the rest of the cotton gauze I made the yoke of Macaron with. I have some floral rayon to make a long sleeves blouse with. Between my brown and black skirt I should be able to mix and match an eclectic wardrobe. The rest to be decided.

I also want to make some more items with knit fabric. I already made a sweatshirt with the free Dolman Sleeve Pattern that Cindy from Cation Designs released. It’s super cute and I’ll post photos as soon as I can get the mister to take some. If you follow me on Instagram this is old news (my user name is cynbular). I also won a PDF T-shirt pattern from MariaDenmark. It will make some great layering shirts.

Today, I had a pretty amazing thrift store find and picked up an entire bolt of nice stretch denim for $25. The fabric came from Columbia Sportswear and is 60″ wide. I think there’s about 10-15 yards, I haven’t measured it. I’ll definately try my hand at jeans. I think i’ll start with Clover and then make a more traditional jean, as well as a pair for the mister.

I also want to have the Bombshell Dress done, if not by the holidays, then by my birthday at the end of February.

Looking at the list it seems pretty daunting so I’m not sure how much I’ll finish, but it’s nice to have a plan and goals to work towards.

xx, Cynthia

13 thoughts on “Autumn/ Winter Sewing Plans

    • It’s crazy at the outlet, the wool fabric that is current is in the $18 per yard range, and last season’s are $8-$6 per yard. Cotton is $4 and so is their poly linings. They also have a selvedge sale where it’s $1 a pound

  1. I think we have almost identical sewing plans. Totally going to be an Autumn Separates festival (and thank you for reminding me I need to formally figure out what I am going to be doing).

  2. Oooh–I LOVE making sewing plans! Of course, I’m still finishing up summer sewing because I may or may not have spent all of July and August being lazy and unreasonable.
    But, your plans look wonderful! I’m especially intrigued by this short winter circle skirt idea. So cute!

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