That F@$&ing Peplum Top

If colorful language upsets you, dear readers, please look away. First, allow me to give props where they are due. This is that fantastic peplum top from the cover of the August issue of Burdastyle (I *know* you’ve oogled it). I need to tinker with the fit and I really think I’ll like it  A LOT. I love how it dips slightly lower in the back. I love this stretch cotton sateen that Kollabora sent to me. Also,  photographer husband really stepped up his game and got some beautiful photos that hide what a shit show this was to make.

I’m giving my copy of Burdastyle away (in part), because it fucking drove me bonkers.That’s not to say that there is anything horribly wrong with the mag, mostly I’m an idiot and made about a million mistakes. There are tons of cute things in there, but I’m put off them for the time being. I’d never seen a Burda mag before and was jazzed to get my grubby hands on it. Then I saw the pattern page. WTF is that shit? It’s a sewing pattern for Klingons! I’ll stick to the downloadable PDF’s from now on….

Patience and perseverance won out in the and I got this traced out. Mostly. I used the sleeves from Macaron and made bias tape (holla!) to face the neckline. That’s because I was sick of finding the right line on that hot-mess-of-a-pattern-sheet.

Then I made a muslin. It was huge! I removed 2 inches from the center front. I also added half an inch in length and lowered the neckline by the same amount.

The skirt portion of this top was over 23 inches long… GRRRRR. That’s a dress. I removed over 13 inches in length.

Now for my mistakes. Remember how I removed 2 inches out of the center front of the BODICE. I *should* have removed that out of the skirt. Duhh. That didn’t occur me at the time. It occured to me when I was trying to ease the skirt into place without puckers. Also, this fabric has a fair bit of stretch to it. Did I account for that when I fitted my non stretch muslin? No. This is huge. That’s why I’m wearing a belt. I have to! I need to take this in a few inches at the side seams. I also forgot to let the circle skirt hang before I hemmed it, so that will probably stretch and get wonky too. FUDGE!

But these photos look great. They show me the possibility in this top. When I first put it on I felt too trendy and forced. I made it more my style by adding this beaded collar I found last Christmas at an antique shop. Très sixties

xx, Cynthia

30 thoughts on “That F@$&ing Peplum Top

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  2. It’s true, it’s trendy now, but I think the peplum top will be around for a while. Since when does a tiny waist ever go out of style?
    Did I mention how tiny your waist looks?

  3. It’s looking great! I absolutely love the colour – and the background (need to find a mural for my next photo shoot, I think!)
    I was taught to sew using Burda Mag, so I don’t find them as intimidating – but I do love the simplicity of just tracing an envelope pattern or a pdf!

  4. I love your top. I started mine last night and I also almost made the dress version but luckily found the “hidden” line for #113. Yes, it’s definitely a challenge at first with the Burda magazine patterns but now that I highlight the lines before tracing it has gotten so much easier.

  5. The photos are freakin’ awesome. I especially love the first! Shame on that pattern sheet – it’s like it’s secretly laughing at us as we try to pull a full set of matching lines out from it. You’ve done well given the hurdles I think… I’ve oggled that front cover many a time. Love the hot pink 🙂

  6. I really love this top!!!!!! I really want to try the peplum trend.. shamefully i wanted to buy a peplum top but all the ones I have seen are made from shoddy fabric. Might have to make one like yours! But I am NOT using that Burda pattern if that’s what the pattern looks like!!! I started on a dress and it’s my first Burda and omg the mulitsize is just insane!!! I cut a sleeve that was half size 10 half size 16 becos the lines were so confusing!!!!

    I love the color of your top it looks great and good on you for persisting, cos it paid off!!!

  7. Despite its tiresome and swear-worthy creation; it looks great! Love the colour. I can barely cope with the Burda downloadable patterns. No seam allowance scares me!

  8. This is looking great Cynthia (amazing photos too), I hope you can salvage it! I too bought my first ever Burda mag for that very pattern, but haven’t gotten around to tracing it yet…as it looks like such a pain!!!

    • I’ve actually already taken it in and I’m a lot happier with the fit. I have this bad habit of rushing to finish things to take their photos without 100% making sure I’m happy with them. I need to work on that.

  9. That colour is spectacular!!! I have this Burda mag, and of course it´s pretty difficult working with it, you´ve to find the patterns in a place full of marks and lines. I have in my to-do list this pattern, but the dress version. I love the pattern it comes out gorgeous!

  10. You look so gorgeous and fashionable in this! I really, really love it! It shows off your tiny waist, OK, well, your overall AMAZING figure, and the color looks great with your dark hair! Love it!

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  12. Burda must be the worst patterns in the world. Nothing about them is conventional. I’ve been sewing for 25 years and still find them complicated, nonsensical and full of errors.

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