Giveaway Day

Remember a week ago when I said I’d have a giveaway that weekend in honor of reaching 100 followers, yeah, me neither. I’m having a giveaway this weekend instead!!! YAY free shit!!!!

If you want to win, leave a comment by September 15. If you’d like your entry to count twice post a youtube video of baby animals (the cuter the better).

xx, Cynthia


54 thoughts on “Giveaway Day

  1. Wow well done on the 100 followers! Well deserved! Considering going to film the ducklings by my work tomorrow just for you – yay for spring in the Southern Hemisphere!

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 followers. I’m always happy to put my name down for free shit. I’m a hoarder- it comes with the territory.

  3. Oh, I spot a Collette pattern! I’m in.
    I cannot find anything cuter than sneezing baby panda. I know it’s been around for years… but it’s just adorable!

  4. Congratulations! i’d love to win the Burda mag, my local store “forgot” to reserve my August copy, I’m desperate to give that peplum blouse a go!! I’m seeing it at every turn!

  5. I already have the mag, so just popping in to say great top. Not tried a Burda mag patteern yet, still new to patterns in general, so need to be in the good head space before I even think of attempting one lo.

  6. A round of applause for hitting the big 100! A gift to celebrate:

    I would love to get my greedy little mitts on that Burda mag (I couldn’t find it at my neighborhood fabric store last time I was there). But let’s be honest; what this lady really needs is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ensemble. I have a cocktail party coming up and I want to make an entrance!

  7. Congratulations.. I too love freebies..
    I will put my name under burda magazine or collette pattern both of which I have never used. Thanks.

  8. I just found your blog via PR…I adore your peplum top. And, OMG, you have a ninja turtle pattern? My 2 kids just discovered them via a DVD found at a yard sale this summer, and now my 6 year old girly girl has ditched all things princess in favor of the turtles. She even wants a Mutant ninja turtle themed bday party(I didn’t have the heart to tell her none of her friends will have a clue what they are). I really like your blog and will be following via my blog reader now…now I need to make myself a pink peplum as you have inspired me.

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