Truffle Shuffle

Guys, I’m gonna need a bigger closet soon!

I’ve got fall sewing on the brain, but I decided I need to make *at least* one last summer dress, before the weather turns. I’m glad I did because Truffle from the Colette Sewing Handbook is so cute!!! I always feel like a lady when I wear one of their designs. I’m going to a masquerade themed event in October and I think this thrifted turquoise fabric would go nicely with a mask made of peacock feathers.

I looked through my patterns and decided that the stiffness in this fabric would pair nicely with the ruffle. I was a little concerned because the pattern calls for 3 yards of fabric and I only had 2. I laid out the pieces and they looked like they all fit so I started cutting. They didn’t all fit. I wasn’t able to quite fit the ruffle on grain, so instead I cut it on the crosswise grain. I hope this won’t cause any problems in the future, but I don’t think it will. The ruffle still sits at the waist on the bias. This might help you conserve some fabric if you make Truffle.

I told my photographer husband I thought this photo would come out vaguely pornographic, unfortunately it’s the only photo of the back

I didn’t make a fitting muslin beforehand since I have had such luck with Colette in the past. This dress does fit a little bit looser than other designs of theirs, so keep that in mind. It’s perfect with this stiff fabric, but I imagine it would look a little frumpy in a fabric with less body.

I opted to not line this. I have a hard time slipstitching my linings in place without distorting the fit of the bodice. I also think a lining is unnecessary in a summer dress. I serged the inside edges to keep them from fraying. I used bias tape to face the neckline and arm holes. I used another one of my hoarder metal invisible zips, and finished with a rolled hem.

This dress came together quite fast. I would recommend this pattern to a beginner. It features a classic shape, with a fun twist. I finished my sister’s birthday shorts so expect a post as soon as I can get some photos.

This is my natural expression when my face is relaxed

xx, Cynthia


27 thoughts on “Truffle Shuffle

  1. I really like it. The stiffer fabric gives it an interesting look. I’ve had my eye on this pattern too, but gotta do a Macaron first since that’s the current 2.0 sew-along pattern.

  2. I love the green zipper!!
    You look fantastic and haha at the slightly porno photo ahahaahha looks great tho.
    Beautiful dress and great craftsmanship 🙂

  3. This is so, so pretty! I’ve loved the Truffle ever since I saw it, but I’ve still not made it yet! Your choice of colour and fabric are spot on…love everything about your version!!!

  4. I have to admit your porno comment made me giggle, hee hee. I LOVE this dress. Absolutely fab. The ruffle in the front is so beautiful, this fabric was just perfect, I think.

  5. This is very cute! I’m in the process of picking out fabric for my Truffle, and I keep worrying about the amount of fabric I might need for the lining (I’m going for a full lining, not just the bodice). And actually, even for the dress itself – I always assume there’s extra called for but never know how much. And I have a tendency to lay out the pieces one by one without really paying attention to the best way to arrange them, so I need to work on that. But this makes me feel better about my choices. Plus, I love seeing other people’s all finished – thanks for the inspiration!

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  7. Sigh, the wrinkliness of linen-it’s the only reason I avoid all but the chambray weight versions. I’ve had a chartreuse cut waiting in my closet for 2 years now XP This is a sweet dress, the colour really suits you. I’d recommend adjusting the bodice (front and back) for a closer fit because linen tends to ‘give’ over a period of wear and there seems to be plenty of room there already. The ruffle looks fine despite the off-grain-ness so good job with aligning its position.

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