A Toile Toile

How annoying is that title? Hahaha. These shorts are actually a wearable muslin. My little sister’s birthday is coming up and she wants a pair of shorts for her present.

We went to the Pendleton Mill Outlet with the intention of getting some wool to make a winter short. But, that’s not what caught her eye. We picked up a super fun, snakeskin print twill.

She wants a menswear inspired short (honestly, Thurlow would be perfect). I have McCall’s 5391 in the stash and gave it a try. This pattern isn’t quite what she wants. On her version I’m going to add patch pockets to the rear (I think), and she definitely wants a cuff.

These are a straight make of view A, with the buttoned belt loops from F. Her measurements are just about the same as mine so I cut these in a size 12. I haven’t be en able to fit them on her yet, but I like them on me.

I inherited a small fabric stash, as well as my sewing machine, when my friend Leslie moved across country. I have tons of this home decor cotton toile fabric (about 4 yards) in the above mentioned stash. It is the perfect weight for a pair of pants, so I made these as carefully as I would on the final version. I really like how they came out. They’re super preppy :).

I made no fitting changes and these were a fairly fast make. I spent about 4 hours total on them. The only difficulty I had was on the zipper.

The pattern calls this a “mock fly”. I’ve never made a fly before, so I’m not sure what the difference is. The instructions were very confusing, and the illustrations weren’t very helpful either. I had to read them aloud a few times, and I’m not sure if I got it right. The zipper looks good enough, so I’m not too concerned. I’ll consult a book when I make my sister’s, so I can make her a proper fly.

The only other “issue” is that, as drafted, view A is hella short. When I make these again for myself, I think I’ll add 2 inches. Even my husband said they were short! You know men, nothing can be too tight or short for them. My sis is almost 4 inches shorter than me, so they should be perfect on her.

All in all, I think this pattern is a winner. It feels like wearing a RTW short. I’m working on getting used to things at my natural waist, but I never wore them before I started sewing. This has a comfortable low to midrise.

xx, Cynthia


12 thoughts on “A Toile Toile

  1. I love these!! I currently have a rather hideous thrifted red skirt with some funky 70’s flower design that I thought would look adorable as a pair of shorts. Just haven’t gotten the courage to do them yet as I fear saggy crotch. These though fit really well!

  2. i made these shorts (not the shortie version, the longer one shortened to a 4″ inseam) and while the pattern is okay, i jumped ship and made up the thurlow afterward, and there is just no comparison! on the mccalls i think it’s a “mock fly” because there isn’t a separate fly facing and no fly extension. weird in my opinion. the thurlow has all these awesome details, plus a few more, and a better fit for me. and the directions are far clearer!

    i do like how your version turned out, that fabric is perfect!

  3. Oh they are lovely! Furnishing fabric can be a great weight for certain garment projects, can’t it? Lisa G (comment above) was totally on the money about the difference between a mock and real fly front. Mock’s are definitely quicker to make, but proper ones have a nice security to them!
    Zoe xxx

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