Glacier National Park

Montana is the most beautiful place on Earth. It seemed like every time I turned a corner I’d see something even more gorgeous than the last. We (the mister and myself) went with our friends Luke and Julie and had a pretty epic week. We saw 5 grizzlies, including 3 cubs, 4 black bears, a moose, mountain goats, big horn sheep and an assortment of other animals. We were unable to complete the full 60 mile backpacking loop we had planned because someone (alright it was me…. I’m a total klutz) dropped our camp stove and broke it. We only completed about 30 miles in the backcountry. We spent to the rest of our trip playing in the water and going on day hikes.My google reader is totally full of, what I’m sure are, awesome makes and hopefully I can get through my backlog. We took over 300 photos, here are a few. xx


8 thoughts on “Glacier National Park

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! My husband is a big kayaker and we love camping and doing outdoor trips. He’s been hollaring about Montana forever, now I see why! Love the black bear picture, I can’t believe you got that close, I’d have freaked out a bit!

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