See You Next Tuesday!

5 cool points to you if you caught my SATC reference! I’ve muslined my 1950’s shorts and bra top. Boy, oh boy, this is going to be adorable. I’m making them out of a length a green and cream seersucker. The shorts fit right out of the envelope with no fitting changes needed.


The top is another story altogether. The band fits perfectly around my ribcage, however the cups have a little extra “perkiness” due to the bullet bras of the era. I need to remove about an inch from the apex of the bust.  I played around with it for a couple of hours Sunday night. Eventually, I extended one of the darts all of the way to the top of the cup (essentially making a princess seam), but now I have gaping under the arm. Should I add a mini dart there too?

Is this the perfect situation to try a SBA? I wear a D cup, so I’ve never looked into them before. I have wiggled these darts every which way. There is just a little pool of extra fabric right over my nipple area that needs to be removed.


However, I won’t be able to cut into my fashion fabric for a bit because I’m leaving for Glacier National Park tomorrow! We’re going to do a 60 mile backpacking loop. Here’s a photo of me there 2 years ago. I’ll post a ton of photos when we get back in a week 🙂


4 thoughts on “See You Next Tuesday!

  1. Oh yay, have a great trip!! Your little playsuit is going to be ADORABLE! Can’t wait to see it! An SBA sounds like the perfect solution, since you’ll be able to overlap at the apex and remove the excess right from the problem area.

  2. I don't know if its true but I have heard that it cools down your body if you eat spicy food, and that also lukewarm tea for example is better drink in the heat than something coierG.edtlngs from cold, cold Finland. I wish I was in Malaysia (or Australia) right now, when there is icy drizzle outside and no Sun has been seen for weeks. In here, by the way, we have traditionally hot porridge for breakfast. I guess it cold enough in here to have 3 hot meals a day…

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