Hawaiian Punch: Simplicity 1873

Hey guys!!! Like my new glasses? They came in the mail today and I feel like a cool girl in them. Just in time too, now that we’re in the heart of the allergy season I can’t really wear my contacts as much, so it was time to update. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk about this dress. I’m in mayjuhh like with it.

I’ve been thinking about what makes something “me” and makes me want to pull it out of the closet over and over again. My favorite me-make by far is my Bow Dress. The reason why it works IMO is because it’s a basic fit-and-flare shape (my favorite silhouette) paired with a fun print that I love. I bought 3 yards of this “Tales of the South Pacific” cotton batiste from Gorgeous Fabrics for super cheap ($5.80 a yard) and I still have almost a full yard left over.

This pattern was very easy to make. I made view C, but omitted the button tabs. It’s a simple 2 dart scoop neck bodice paired with a very *full* skirt. Before I started making the pleats, I had about 8 feet of skirt to shrink down to 29 inches. I really like the instructions Simplicity gives you for the construction. For instance, they have you attach the bodice and lining using this technique, I first learned from the Slapdash Sewist. It seems to be that Simplicity is figuring out that home sewists don’t want to hand sew unless absolutely necessary.

This dress was well drafted and came together quickly once I got started. I made a size 10 to eliminate ease, but had to use the dart placement for the size 12 to accomodate my girls. Speaking of my girls, did ya’ll notice the unfortunate print placement on my bust? Michael Kors would eat me alive, a circle over each bewb. Oops… I lined the bodice with some unbleached cotton muslin, and also underlined the skirt with muslin since this fabric was quite sheer. I finished the hem with a machine blind hem and inserted an invisible zipper


26 thoughts on “Hawaiian Punch: Simplicity 1873

  1. Cute dress!! And your glasses fit you perfectly!! aahh don’t you just love the season and all the allergies it brings along? I too have chucked my contacts and drug out my glasses.

  2. Such a great dress! I love the print and cut. It fits you perfectly! I love your hair and glasses, too. Ugh, I can’t wear my contacts because of allergies either. My eyeballs are making me CRAZY. I thought I was alone in this.

  3. I always love seeing different facings of this dress! I think that I’ll do this look next in a heavier weight fabric for a Christmas party. I can’t do blind hems yet on my machine yet (don’t know how) so I had to ease the hem and that was a doozy for me! But then again, you read all about it when I posted. Love the fabric!

  4. Thanks for the great review, I am about to embark on this dress so it’s nice to see someone make it up and I love the link to the slapdash sewist, I will have to subscribe to her blog.

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  6. Wow! I was actually looking through the simplicity pattern book at this exact pattern the other day. I was considering either the sleeveless crew neck one, or this one, except I didn’t like the button tabs. But you’ve omitted them, and it looks great, so now I know it’ll work for me! And that print is really fun xx

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