Blue Steel

So pensive, what’s going on in that beautiful mind?

These photos really crack me up. Chris really got into his male modeling and threw out all of the blue steel, Quiet Ryan, and arm behind the head sexiness I could catch. Oooh lala.

This is his bad boy Magic Mike shot.

I made another version of McCall’s 6383 for Mr. Dapper Duds. I really like the slim groovy fit of this 70’s pattern. I used a black chambray from Joann’s for the body of the shirt, and a colorful rainbow plaid for the undercollar, collar stand, and the inside of the pocket flap. Originally, I had planned to make colorful piping as well, but I didn’t like the way it looked when I layed it out. I think I need to move away from piping for a bit.

Hey girl, I really like the way you put the yoke on that western shirt.

I made a few changes to the pattern. The most obvious change I made was to make this version short sleeved. I layed out the sleeve piece from the modern McCall’s 6044 to see the length I should make the sleeve. I was shocked to see the difference in the sleeve cap. Isn’t that cray cray? No wonder I was unhappy with setting in the sleeves on the modern pattern. I kept thinking they looked puffy. Sleeves, you were the problem, not me.

I also shortened the pattern by 4″. My man is not one for tucking in his shirts. The last adjustment was toning down the large 70’s collar. I simply removed the seam allowance (a standard 5/8″) to get it to a more modern proportion.

I’m really proud of the  seam finishing I did. He could wear this inside out if he wanted to. I double dare you to find a raw edge. I used flat-felled seems throughout. I really like the strength and tidyness they provide.  Side note: I really need to get a flat-felling foot. This shirt is built to last.

The inside, yo!

I finished it off using this tutorial for creating an easy rolled hem. It closes with black pearl snaps I picked up at an awesome hoarder estate sale


32 thoughts on “Blue Steel

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  2. Wow that looks amazing I love everything about it! The style, fit and your modifications! Also I am a sucker for chambray I really have to try to make one for my man too.
    It’s just so hard to find nice snaps!

  3. Oh my god annoying! Was halfway through a comment & you’ve probably got it somewhere in ur comment list!! Anyways – really cool shirt! Looks like it fits really well 🙂 think I need to find a pattern for my man too!

  4. Dang! I looked at those seams and thought ‘wow’ too! You might not want to mention to him that all comments had ‘wow’ in them- he might want to become your regular model!

  5. oooh lovely! i really need to make something for my hubby… i love the contrast bits! i made a jacket with a patterned undercollar recently, never thought to do it for a button down. love this make, inside and out!

  6. It looks great; very professional! I want to make more for my husband (so far I’ve only made him boxers) but men’s patterns are really hard to come by. I plan to pickup Mccalls 6044 at a pattern sale eventually, and I’m glad you gave warning about the poofy sleeve caps.

  7. LOVE this! It looks so professional and nice! And your model was so patient and accommodating! I just got McCall’s 6044– thanks for the tip about the sleeve cap!

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