I’m about to make ya’ll super jealous. Yesterday, my friend sent me a text that she was at the Pendleton Outlet in Washougal, WA. I pounced on that and asked her if she saw anything reasonably priced (less than $20 a yard) in a pretty red, I’d love some.

I’ve been thinking about McCalls 6442 for my big sewing project for fall. It has the twirl factor of Colette’s Lady Grey, but also includes a hood which IMO is crucial for a rainy Oregon fall-winter-spring. I envision looking like Little Red Riding Hood. I’m also well on my way to having all the supplies needed. I went to a crazy hoarder estate sale about a month ago, and got several yards of horsehair interfacing and shoulder pads (amongst a million other sewing doodads for pennies).

Anyways, she text me back that she found a pretty red and black checked fabric that was only $5.99 a yard, what?!?!?!? So, she picked me up 4 yards of the prettiest, softest, drapiest, lovely wool for $25. I was ecstatic when I saw what was waiting for me. Bonkers, right?

I has such pretty drape I’m not sure if a wrap coat is the right use of the fabric. Although, I’m sure the flare if the peplum would look so beautiful, cascading from my hips. This will need to be underlined for body and warmth. I’ve gotten such a steal on all of my supplies so far, I think I’ll splurge on a silk lining.

Now that I’ve seen the fabric my mind is thinking of a hundred other projects to use it for, such as a circle skirt, Gertie’s Starlight Suit jacket, fitted sheath dress, a vintage looking cape with a notched collar. Oi vey, there are so many possibilities in a flat length of fabric. Opinions please?

In other sewing news, I’m making another western shirt for the mister. I royally effed up on it, so I’ve been unpicking stitches forever. I didn’t catch that I’d put one of the shoulder seams in backwards until I’d flat-felled it and both topstitched and edgestitched the yoke down. Yikes!


8 thoughts on “Ahhhhh….Wool

  1. Wow! This is gooooooooooorgeous! And $6/yd?!?!?!?! I’m turning green over here!! Anything you make with it will be lovely, but the coat sounds particularly nice!

  2. Lucky girl! That fabric looks beautiful. If you don’t make the coat, I vote for Gertie’s Starlight Suit jacket. Can’t wait to see what you come up with (the Western shirt, too!)!

  3. That is gorgeous fabric! To my mind, matching plaids has a very high cost-per-wear. So I’d go with a jacket that will get a ton of wear over a dress that will be worn a few times in a season. But I just hate matching plaids.

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