Ceylon Muslin 2

First of all thank you so much for all of the advice on my last muslin post!!!!!

Since I had only attached one of the sleeves to my muslin, I used the other side to experiment with raising the armscye. According to an article I read in Threads if you hold a ruler under your armpit it will show you how high up the armscye needs to sit. I did this and saw that I had about half an inch I could raise it. I added the corresponding amount of fabric to my muslin/toile, then added the sleeves. Since the sleeves were tight on my bicep I cut a slit in both sleeves. Then a funny thing happened when I lifted my arms. There’s not much difference in the amount it rides up. It’s not very bothersome now. The side with an “X” drawn on the left is the unmodified side. The right side has the armhole raised. I think the real problem was just the sleeve being tight. I’m going to slash and spread the sleeve pattern piece to give my guns some more room. I’m undecided if I need to modify the armscye on my actual dress. Do you think I should?

In other news, I found the *perfect* navy linen at the thrift store that I had in my head to make this out of. Don’t you love when you find just what you were looking for in a charity shop? I want to make a nautical version of this dress with white piping and brass buttons. I’m hoping to have it completed in time so I can take photos with cute sailors (le sigh) during Portland’s fleet week. Tangent: I ❤ fleet week!


3 thoughts on “Ceylon Muslin 2

  1. hmm… that’s very interesting that raising the AH 1/2″ had no effect on the ease of lifting your arm. If it’s not the armhole, then I’m guessing that it is the sleeve opening that is too tight. I’m really curious to see how it turns out and what correction fixes the problem!

  2. I’d still go with the raised armscye if I were you. It must be easier to move in like that, or..? Good luck in any case, and looking forward to see the final result!

  3. 7y8gjksfjsovblkavbnhg…. oops, just nodded off to sweet dreams of Fleet Week!

    Anyways… the muslin looks great! I can’t wait to see it! Navy linen sounds perfect for summer (and yay for a thrift shop score!)!

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