Muslin Issues: Ceylon









So lemme tell you a secret. Ceylon by Colette patterns was the first sewing pattern that made me say “Hot Damn, I want that!” It’s special and mos def not something you can find in RTW. It was the first pattern I bought and I’ve had it put away for over a year waiting until I was good enough to make it. I decided that my skills are ready and I made a quick mock up out of a thrifted bed sheet. I made a size 4, which is sized for nearly my exact measurements (35″-27″/28″-38″ FYI). Colette designs for a C-D cup bust, so the fit on this should be perfect, right?

Almost… I can’t lift my arm and it’s super tight on my bicep. Fixing the sleeve issue won’t be a problem. However, what about that pesky problem I have lifting my arms? The whole bodice rides up when I lift them even slightly. Not attractive. I had my mister take a few photos to help me figure out the problem. I’m thinking a broad back adjustment might be needed. Or perhaps raising the armscye? What do you think?!?!? Any help offered is greatly appreciated 🙂


7 thoughts on “Muslin Issues: Ceylon

  1. First check the shoulder length, from the first photos it looks like the top is going past the ball of your shoulder, so you would want to move it in; then of course see if the armhole needs raised, appears it needs to be; and as you are aware increase the bicep room.

  2. It looks like the bust is correct, which means you need to lengthen it from between the bust point to the shoulder. But considering all the detail in that area . . . that will be a chore. I would transfer the pattern to butcher paper and make the changes from there. This will be a chore but it is a cute look.

  3. The back looks plenty roomy (I can tell I need a BBA when I can’t hold my arms forward in front of me parallel with the ground; I’ve not noticed any issue with raising the arms), so i’d agree with the others on narrowing the shoulder and raising the armscye. It’s going to be cute!

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