Bow Back Skirt

Hey-Ohh! This is my first time going off-piste sewing (i.e. no pattern).  🙂 I made a basic dirndl skirt with a waist band, so imagonna call myself a fancy pants designer.

I bought 2 yards of this floral stretch poplin with the intention of making a full gathered skirt. However, when I looked at my patterns, I got stingy when I realized what I could make with two yards of fabric. I just used one yard for this skirt and I’m saving the other to make a bustier top ( I just need to pick up some boning). That way, I can wear them together when I’m feeling fancy, or separate when I’m not. Baller status!

Since I didn’t use the full 2 yards, it wasn’t as full as I wanted it to be (duhhh). So I oriented most of the gathers to the front of the skirt and and covered the back with a giant bow. Eeekk, how cute is that?!?!

This skirt was crazy easy to make and only took a little bit over an hour to make. If you want to make something similar I loosely followed Gertie’s gathered skirt tutorial.

To do the gathering, I zigzagged over some dental floss. This is becoming my favorite technique, as I feel it distributes the gathers most evenly. I inserted an invisible zipper, and used the blind hem on my machine to finish.

To recap: 1 yard + 1 hour = Win.

I decided to add this last photo because it makes me laugh. Photographer husband caught me making a face I’m afraid he sees all too often. I’m pretty sure I’m saying, “Chriiiiis, you need to be serious”.


14 thoughts on “Bow Back Skirt

  1. I love two things about this…
    One, that you used the word baller. Awesome.
    Two, that you’re wearing a t-shirt with the skirt. Awesome.

    I have a question though. Why did you use dental floss when sewing the gathers?

  2. CUTEST. You, the skirt AND the puppy.

    I am also very interested in this gathering technique. Three rows of basting seems kind of ridiculous/wasteful/time-consuming, so if there’s a better way please share!

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