Simplicity 1876: Tie-Dye Surprise

I’m calling this dress Tie-dye Surprise because I’m surprised that I like it. Ha. This dress has a few quirks, and I’ll get into them in a bit, but it’s perfect for what I made it for…

Let’s start with the fabric. I found this mystery fabric (it drapes like rayon and definitely breathes, so let’s call it rayon) at the thrift store. I thought, “hey, I can use this for a muslin and maybe make it a wearable one. I *do* live on the west coast, which is, the only place where it’s still cool to wear tie-dye.” Now summer is approaching (80 degrees today?!?!? holla), and that means shows and festival season for me, and this tie-dyed fabric starting calling out to me wanting to be a hippy summer dress. When fabric talks, I listen.

I finished this last Wednesday afternoon, just in time to see SBTRKT play at the Wonder Ballroom. I danced a shit-ton in it! So if dancing is a criteria for your makes, then this pattern passes. I’m also going to wear this next week and dance and sweat some more. Therefore, this dress is a success. Let’s get into the nitty grtty now, I’ll start with the good and then get into the bad.

Things I like: I really like the gathers on the hips. As a pear shaped lady, I usually avoid accenting them. In this case, I feel it gives a va-va-va-voom Marilyn Monroe-esque silhouette. This dress is princess seamed which I haven’t done before. I am now *for* princess seams. Fact: I would vote for them for president. Princess seams are prettier than darts IMO. The instructions were very clear and thorough.

Things I don’t like: I made this dress too big. Yarghh! So, I’ve been on a huge Simplicity roll, I can’t help it. Now that I know they more or less fit me, it’s a lot easier to just try another one out than to deal with fitting. But, I’m learning that I need to anyways, and that an inch and a half of ease is actually a lot. I’m also learning that I probably need to stop being a baby and start doing FBA’s (full bust adjustment for those not in the know). This dress is a bit of a Monet (Clueless reference), good from far, but far from good.

I was fitting as I went (I thought), but it came out weirdly large and small, at the same time on my bust. Here’s how I fixed the “too big”; I made the center back seam larger (a full inch FYI) and also pinched out another inch at the sides which I sloppily tacked down with hand stitches (messy girl). Now for the “too small”; The drape doesn’t fully cover my girls. Instead of making a 12, I should have made a 10 up top with a FBA, and then tapered to a 12 for the hips. Live and learn, amirite?

There’s one more thing I effed up. I’m not sure if it was a drafting error or a Cynthia error. Hopefully, you can avoid it. When I stitched the bodice and drape to the lining, I sewed up the little hole you’re supposed to leave to allow you to knot the neck tie around the drape. To fix this I stitched a sloppy button hole, so I could slip the straps through it. This little number is a fine example of down and dirty dressmaking.

I’m moving this upcoming week so I’m not sure how long it will be until I have something new to show ya’ll. Peace.


30 thoughts on “Simplicity 1876: Tie-Dye Surprise

  1. I loooooooooooove it. Love it. So hot on u!!!
    Yay for princess seam, high five! I’m a recent princess seam convert too, use to love darts, but princess seam is better! – not tailors tacks, woo hoo!
    This dress is really, really nice. The tie dye is HOTOTOOTOTOTOTOOTOTOOT!!

      • Sometimes words cannot express my enthusiasm and excited enough so I try to express it thru crazy exclamations marks and keyboard banging 🙂 really loe the dress. Looking forward to your next finished item! 🙂

  2. The dress and you look fabulous.

    I made a Simplicity skirt recently and after grading it up a size it fit me like a potato sack! I was so confused. My math was right so where did I go wrong? Oh yes, I didn’t consult the finished garment measurements. Those patterns definitely have lots of ease. Now I know.

    Will you make it again with your new changes? Looks like a fun summer dress.

    Good luck moving!

    • Thank you for the sweet words, this city can be pretty magical when it stops raining. BTW, I used Picassa to edit these photos. I remember your post about Picnic

    • I’m pretty ambivalent about tie-dye too (I think age 10 was the last time I wore any), I was really surprised midway through construction when I held it up and actually liked it.

  3. This dress, and you, are gorgeous! Well done!

    Regarding the draping on the bust, the picture on the pattern looks like the draping doesn’t cover the bust as well, despite what the front/back drawing shows. I think it’s definitely a pattern issue, not your sewing or your girls

  4. Your photos are great. I looked up the pattern – is that the lady who won Project Runway? It looks like her work. You did a great job. Nobody who looks at you in it will think it is anything but a cute dress you paid a ton of money for.

  5. I love it! What a great summery dress. Have you seen any of the monochromatic dip dying tutorials? Pants look surprisingly good dyed.

  6. Oh, I like the fabric! It kind of reminds me of this Suno printed maxi dress
    And the dress is cute, especially the gathers at the waist. It’s nice to have something good for dancing and sweating. I’ve been playing around with the idea of dying a few muslins – they were actually made of bleached muslin, turned out really well and maybe some dye or tie-dye would make them ok for wearing about? Hm. I also like the dip-dyed eyelet shorts/dresses that Wren did for summer.

  7. The dress looks great! Perfect for Coachella (You said you live on the west coast but I don’t know how close you were to the festival). Tye dye is always fun to wear and the silhouetter of your dress actually makes it look chic and not bohemian. Good luck with the move!

  8. I am a lover of Simplicity patterns as well. I just made my first dress (don’t laugh) for myself EVER for Easter, and I realized that while the pattern sizes run smaller than I’m used to, they leave room for fixing errors. Unlike those darn McCall’s patterns! I did a Cynthia Rowley design and I’m so in love with it, that I want to make tons!

    This dress looks fantastic on you, and I happen to love the print and I’m midwestern. LOL! Love those photos as well. I started singing Tip-toe through the tulips! Hope you’re having a great day, and best of luck with your move!

  9. Gorgeous dress! I saw it on BurdaStyle and had to come over and tell you how much I liked it. It reminds me of the Lonsdale and has me thinking of summer dresses.

  10. I know I’ve aleady commented on this dress (and I still love it!), but I have just been given a Liebster Blog Award and thought I would pass on the love to you, as your garments are all amazing. There is more info about the award on my blog

    Andi xx

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