Thrifting and Sewing Plans

First of all, I have Simplicity 1876, one of the Leanne Marshall designs finished. I just need to wait for the supposed sunshine that’s coming this weekend to take photos. I made the non-cupcake view A, which hasn’t been reviewed yet. I’ll be sure to post to Sewing Pattern Review ASAP.

I love all of the thrift stores here in Portland. Two worth mentioning for us crafty persons are Scrap and the Knittn’ Kitten. Scrap is a thrift shop for all art supplies. They have a large cabinet full of patterns for 25 cents, random notions, and some fabric. The Knittn’ Kitten is specifically fabric and patterns. It’s crowded and fun and run by an older lady and her daughter.

At Scrap, I found an old mail order pattern for an apron , it’s unprinted and still in it’s factory folds. The date from the stamp indicates it was mailed between 1949-1954. It’s a pretty cute piece of sewing history, no?

I also found this unintentionally hilarious book on dressing to look 10lbs thinner and younger (pretty sure she looks the same), a beltmaking kit, awl, and a bound button hole maker. Pretty exciting! I got a few more things there, but they’re not really worth mentioning. I spent $2.35 there. Cheap is awesome, it’s easy to spend a lot of money sewing.

At the Knittn’ Kitten I found some adorable patterns, I couldn’t buy all of the ones I fancied, she has hundreds. I love the details on many of these, such as; scalloped collars and pockets, little puff sleeves… too cute. Sigh, I spent a long time in there.

I also got this pretty piece of vintage linen with butterflies and flowers. I have a little over 2 yards, I just need to decide what I want to make with it.

Now onto upcoming makes. A can of Sullivan’s Fabric Stabilizer spray arrived for me in the mail. I ordered this, because Sarai of Colette Patterns recommends it for dealing with super shifty fabrics.  I can finally tackle making my version of Colette’s Macaron. I have this beautiful piece of silk chiffon that I’ve been hesitant to cut into.

I want to make my honey another western shirt using this dark chambray. The yoke will be chambray as well. The bright fabric will be used to make piping, the undercollar, and the collar stand. Hopefully, it will come out the way I envision it. Mostly a straight-laced shirt, with little peeks of bright color. He might be the only man the LOVES bright colors. My man’s got swagger.

I also got this lime green seersucker to make this cute little 50’s bustier and shorts set.

Last but not least I have 2 yards of this bright floral. I’m thinking I’ll make a full circle skirt, but I’m undecided.

Hopefully, I’ll have my next make up this weekend. Until then, happy sewing.


19 thoughts on “Thrifting and Sewing Plans

  1. I love those old patterns. I have a ton I got on ETSY and am making one up now. I have noticed the bust point on them is different than current patterns. I think back them everybody wore those super supported heavy duty things and now we are more “relaxed” (if you know what I mean).

      • I have a lame sewing blog (compared to yours) but if you look at it you can see the pattern I am making now. I am going to a Audrey Hepburn theme party so I needed something retro but that I couke keep wearing. The blog is theresa’s threads but it is totally cheesy and not in the ball park of yours.

      • Oooh, I remembered That shirtdress from the Sew-a-long Facebook group. Very cute! I can’t wait to see the finished 60’s dress.

  2. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the spray stabilizer – mine arrived in the mail yesterday (I bought it because Sarai mentioned it, too!). Funnily enough, it came form Portland. Love the linen butterfly/floral print.

  3. I love that you are making that western shirt pattern! I happened upon that pattern a few years ago and it fits my cowgirl sister perfectly (she lives in south central oregon – Lakeview). I’ve made her many versions and there are many more to come. I look forward to see yours!

  4. Portland has “crafty” thrift stores?! I feel like that is a Portlandia sketch waiting to happen. Those patterns are killer – I love that long sleeve blouse with full sleeves. And I cannot WAIT to see that little green striped play suit!!! MAKE IT NOW!! That might be the most darling little pattern I’ve ever seen!

  5. oh wow! i can’t believe i’ve never been to either of these places! definitely going to plan a trip to each very soon!

    • Scrap can be pretty picked over sometimes (by me, lol) but the Knittn’ Kitten seems to have an unending supply of vintage fabric, patterns, and notions (and there’s always more in the back)

  6. I looked at that “Look younger/slimmer Instantly” book and thought she looked better in the before pic, haha! I’m totally jealous of your “crafty thrift stores”! someone needs to open one where I live!

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