Tulip Skirt- Simplicity 2512

I really like this skirt because I feel it seamlessly fits in with my style and wardrobe. This is pretty much how I dress everyday. I mean, you can’t go wrong with denim… amirite? Adorable tangent, this koala tank was my husband’s when he was a little boy. Isn’t that cute? I picked it up when we visited his mom for Christmas. These pictures were taken at Smith Rock in central Oregon. We went there this past weekend to do some camping and rock climbing. I think it made for a very picturesque photo locale.

I made view B of this pattern using some thrifted denim. This skirt was sitting on my mannequin as a UFO for over a month. Originally, I made the ties that are shown on the pattern envelope. However, this denim is very heavy and it had WAY too much bulk. It was a thick, lumpy mess when I installed the zipper. Grody! This sat unfinished waiting for me to unpick the zipper and ties. In fact, it was sooo heavy duty, I broke my seam ripper unpicking this.

I didn’t use bias binding at the top of the waistband like the pattern calls for. Instead I stitched and turned the band. Because of how heavy the denim was, I zig-zagged over some dental floss to make the gathers. That was much easier than trying to pull on the bobbin thread. It just kept snapping. The only thing I think I want to change about this skirt is to make it a little more narrow just at the hem. I’d like to accentuate the tulip shape.

Oh yeah, you should enter my giveaway! Peace.


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