Baby’s First Drop

So… I love to ski and this season’s been kind of a bummer snow wise. Finally it’s started dumping! That’s why things have been slow sewing wise lately . A goal I’ve had all season was to huck it off of a cliff or cornice. I finally did Sunday at Mt. Bachelor, now I need to get braver and do it while I’m actually skiing :). So if you’d like a chuckle here’s a video of my freaking out about a 5 foot cornice drop.


2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Drop

  1. Ahahahahahaha! I usually ski with my husband, his brother, and their friends (no skiing girlfriends… bummer!), and since I don’t want to look like a baby, I’ll try any of the slopes, but I’ll scream my head off the entire way down. Ridiculous! Glad you guys finally got some snow– it’s been such an off year (although it’s been nice to have a super mild winter).

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