Fabric Splurge and Sewing Plans

So today is my 29th birthday and yesterday I went to the fabric store with birthday cash and gift certificates in hand. Boy oh boy, do I have some very generous loved ones. I feel very blessed and happy with my life so far. I’ve got everything in the wash right now and I’m plotting all of my spring/ summer sewing. It’s kind of funny, because before we set out I had in my head to look for soft pastels, laces and eyelets. That is not what caught my eye. Everything is bold, muy caliente!

I went to the Mill End which is the most AHHH-MAZING fabric store I’ve been to. if you’re in the Portland area I highly recommend going there. The selection of apparel fabric is much nicer than at Fabric Depot, which is more quilting oriented.

I picked up this beautiful sheer silk chiffon, and magenta rayon to make the Colette patterns Macaron dress. The store said the silk is Anna Sui and it is to die for. This photo does not do it justice. I’ve been picturing in my mind sheer fabric for the t-shirt portion to make this into an elegant and easy dress that can be worn day and night.






Ialso grabbed 4 yards of this bright and playful stripe print fabric. I’m undecided on what pattern to make it with but I want to play with the grainlines. I’m thinking a chevron effect on the bodice, sleeve and skirt oriented different ways.

I also got 3 yards of this adorable bow-print cotton lawn (end of the bolt too). I think this is Marc by Marc Jacobs. I want to make Simplicity 2444. Short sleeves, scoop neck, fitted bodice and a full above-the-knee skirt. I think it will look like something Zooey Deschanel would wear if it comes out the way I envision.

Last but not least, this black and white geometric cotton lawn. I also purchased some hot pink piping to make the design lines pop. My original plan was to use this for the Colette Pattern’s Ceylon, but I’m also thinking Vogue 1174 would be lovely too. This fabric might be too busy for Ceylon. I’m a wee bit apprehensive about making Ceylon because it was the first sewing pattern that I wanted to make. Psychologically, I still feel like I’m not good enough,

I think I’m going to make the bow dress first, since that seems like it will be the least complicated. I want easy after my birthday dress. I am so excited, and now I have to go be a creep and stroke and pet my new fabric.


8 thoughts on “Fabric Splurge and Sewing Plans

  1. Happy Birthday!! Can’t wait to see how they all turn out! I just made my first dress and got it posted on my blog today. It turned out pretty well for my first time I think. Love your blog by the way, it inspires me!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I started blogging because I find so much inspiration. It’s so nice to hear that I am inspiring others. I love sewing so much.

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