Vogue 1227: My Birthday Dress is Done

Well, she’s done. I finally finished Vogue 1227, and while it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, I don’t feel totally defeated. My plan was for this to be a cute country-girl wearable muslin, and then to make this dress out of some pretty green silk I have. Now I know I don’t want to touch this pattern for a long time. But I do enjoy this version, So I’ll wear it gladly at my 90’s party this weekend.

The bra cups gape some, or just don’t fit right. Also, they were sitting weird when my husband took these photos. I think they’re too small for my bust. This dress is also drafted way to large! I had to take out 2 inches of ease in the size 12 (which is already going down a size). I think a good starting point if you want to make this dress is to start 2 sizes smaller than you measure. I should have made a 10, but unfortunately my size is on the border of the sizing of the two pattern envelopes and the 12 was the smallest in the pattern I purchased. Therefore, I had to increase all of my seam allowances to 7/8″.

When I sewed the cups into the bodice, they didn’t fit all of the way. Instead of doing something very precise, I just cut them down at the edges to match up with the bodice. That makes them slightly differ from each other.

And then there was the zipper. If you want to make this pattern I recommend you forgo trying to install an invisible zipper. This dress is just too fitted for an invisible zipper to support it. I noticed that Lauren also had a problem with her zipper. My first zipper broke, then I put in a second invisible zipper after I had added a waist stay (and that broke), and then I just added a normal zipper. I recommend that if you want to make this dress to plan ahead and insert a lapped zipper, so that it is hidden.



12 thoughts on “Vogue 1227: My Birthday Dress is Done

  1. Very nice. Interesting remarks about the invisible zipper…I’ve only installed one once…in my wedding gown 36 years ago…it popped open during my reception. That was the ONLY time I ever used one. I have replaced SEVERAL broken invisible zippers for customers…using traditional zippers.

    Thanks for sharing your very cute dress!

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