Vogue 1227: Bodice Version 2

I think I’ve got it in the bag friends! You just got up close and personal with my girls. I made some revisions to the bodice of my upcoming dress and I’ve got the fit dialed in. The only issue is a little bit of gaping at the top of the cups that needs to be dealt with. All in all,  I think I look pretty bodacious in this top. This reminds me of the bombshell dress by Gertie. Maybe I should take her course for guidance. Anybody taken it? I’m a cheap-o and $30 could buy more fabric 🙂

When I made this per pattern directions I had about 2 inches of excess ease in the bodice. The bra cups, however, were my size. I increased the seam allowances to 7/8″ in the bodice and yoke pieces, while leaving the bra cups as they were. This did make easing the cups into the bodice a little more tricky, since the bodice was the much smaller. I tried something to help me ease them on one side. I made a line of basting stitches just inside the seam allowance all the way around. then I clipped just shy of this line. This helped me clip *deeply* enough to aid in easing to make easing without clipping too far. I’m not sure if this is a good technique though, I sort of just winged it.

You should also check out this song. I’ve been listening to this (and the whole album) on repeat for the last month. Obsessed!


1 thought on “Vogue 1227: Bodice Version 2

  1. Hi Cynthia, You may not remember me I am a friend of your Dads and we used to live in Key West…remember the fishing trip we took! Lots of fun. Anyway your dad is at our home now in MS and we were talking about you and Lori and how you were doing. It is wonderful that you and Lori are living so close together.
    your dad gave me your blog information, I admire your talent and hope you will soon have dapper duds in stores of etsy!
    You are cute and love your dresses! Love Lolita T

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