Mehhhh, my first UFO…

Grody to the Max

I’m pretty sure I have my first UFO (unfinished object). My motivation and desire to finish my cape is completely gone! Ughhh, I hate even looking at it. I don’t care that capes are “in” right now. I’ll just wait and *maybe* try again later. I started out super stoked and life got in the way. This has got me feeling blah.

Simplicity 1942 is a Project Runway pattern, and a relatively easy one at that. I think my issues with it are more personal and less to do with how it was drafted. The instructions were clear and easy. The only thing I didn’t care for pattern wise is that it is unlined. I was planning on using some pink poly lining material using the main body pattern pieces to draft my own. I never got that far.

My first issue is the fabric. I don’t really like it that much. It’s some sort of polyester upholstery fabric I got for crazy cheap at my secret thrift store. I got 4 yards of 60″ wide fabric for $2.50. It has okay drape, and is a neutral camel color. I thought I could “Make it work” (Tim Gunn voice).

This fabric smells DISGUSTING though. I washed it twice, and it still has this musty-smokey-mothballs-grandpa’s-basement smell. Yucko. It doesn’t smell that horrible when you just sniff it, but when the steam from my iron hits it, forgettahboudit. Nasty! I was cringing while pressing every seam. Dear readers, do you have any tips on getting rid of the skank?

My second issue, is that I snipped the outer fabric with my pinking shears by accident. I really need to go more slowly and carefully, when I’m finishing my seams.  I already wasn’t feeling great about it; this was it’s death knell.

I have some personal things happening right now. I think I’m associating those negative emotions, with this sad pile of thrift store fabric. I’m putting it away for now, because I find looking at it to be an irritation.

I already have some new ideas cooking up in my brain. So I’ll be back with a more positive post soon. The lesson I’m taking from this is: If I don’t love the fabric, I’m not going to love sewing with it.


4 thoughts on “Mehhhh, my first UFO…

  1. I bought a vintage picnic basket and it stunk like a moldy attic. I’m not sure if that will help but I was told to stick it outside in the sun for a few days. Another option is maybe to scatter some baking soda on it and let it sit for a few days? Maybe that will work? Hope you get the smell out!

  2. Oh how I feel your pain. My sewing projects too have taken the back burner. My lack of motivation gets more annoying everyday. I get so involved in it to begin with and in such a hurry to finish I don’t take my time and find myself using the seam ripper more than my machine. I also feel when it comes to reading pattern instructions I feel like a 1st grader learning to read the alphabet. I read it over and over and I just don’t get it sometimes and I just wanna throw in the towel! But I guess that’s all in the learning.
    As for that raunchy thrift store smell..???..When I first moved out of my parents I was on a tight budget and needed furniture fast! My parents and I stopped at this junky little roadside thrift/antique store on our way home from shopping one day. The place was really struggling because it was like you was shopping under candlelight. Their lighting was bad. Despite really being able to see what I was buying I bought a love seat anyway because it was super cheap and I was in a rush to become independent. Once we got it out into sunlight we realized how dirty and stinky it was but I thought it had potential. Used a carpet shampooer on it several times. Got the dirt out and it looked clean however that musty, basement smell never did come out. I tried everything. You could smell it every time you sat down. Anyway sorry for such a long comment, when you said “musty-smokey-mothballs-grandpa’s-basement smell” that couch instantly came to mind and it’s a funny story among my family now.

    • It’s such a specific smell, and I hear you on reading the pattern instructions over and over again. Sometimes I’ll read them out loud and change what words I put the emphasis on. Lol.

  3. Ohh, the ole’ pinking shear slip-up. I did the same thing on a chiffon blouse, but by that point I was so sick of working with chiffon that I just tossed the whole thing in the bottom of my fabric scrap box and haven’t looked back. I think it’s okay to move on if you’re not inspired by the project anymore! Plus, your investment was only $2.50 so it’s not a waste!

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