Pattern Moratorium

I stopped by Joann’s after work to take advantage of their sale on McCall’s and Vogue Patterns. With the exception of the Colette Macaron pattern, I hearby solemnly vow to not purchase any new patterns for 6 months. It’s getting a little out of control on my end. I live in a *very* small apartment and my allotted plastic bin for storing patterns is *full*. Plus, I have a limited amount of money, so I should probably buy fabric and make some of this stuff instead of buying new patterns. Here’s a little show and tell of what I picked up today.

I got these three designer Vogue patterns. The Chado pattern is a classic shirtdress with a twist. I love love love shirtdresses. The Michael Kors is super sassy, and I’ve seen some cute versions made up. The Rebecca Taylor is summery and fun (possible birthday dress). WIN!

I also got this vintage Vogue reprint. It looks like a nice summer dress, and I feel that halter necks are flattering on me.

I like this coat pattern a lot! It reminds me of the Lady Grey, but it has a hood. I hate how hard it is to find a fashionable coat that includes a hood. I live in Oregon ya’ll! It rains 9 months of the year. I also like hats (prob because of all the aforementioned rain), I’d like to try my hand at making some with scrap fabric.

Here are the rest, mostly just summer dresses and the bustier top (I promise I won’t add the flounce to the bottom EWWW). As for the top left, i know the pattern cover is hideous, but the line drawing shows a nice military inspired jacket. I dig it.

I have three days off of work this week, so I will probably have some actual sewing to show off soon. Until then…


6 thoughts on “Pattern Moratorium

  1. I have also vowed not to buy anymore patterns until I start actually making some! I see you have a dress form. Does it make it a lot easier to make clothes and get them to fit? I’m thinking about getting one for my birthday. Can’t wait to see some of your new creations. You always do such a good job!

    • I’m not sure how useful the dress form has proven to be so far, it’s not quite my size (especially in the bust). I have a narrow back and full breasts and to get dolly to have the same measurements her back is stretched broader than mine. her waist and hips match me pretty well though.

  2. Those all look so lovely. I really love that Vogue halter neck one.

    I have sworn off buying any more patterns as well. I just bought a bunch of McCall patterns because there were super cheap. Oy. But I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while. I must resist buying for sure.

  3. I’ve given myself a moratorium on patterns as well. I can’t buy a new one until I have made something out of a pattern I already have! Darn-we’ll both just have to miss those 99cent sales!

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