Happy Anniversary Punky!

Yesterday was my fifth wedding anniversary and I thought I’d do a quick post of my most favorite dress I’ve ever worn. I didn’t sew it, this was long before I’d learned how. I was a fairly un-fussy bride. I bought this gown off of ebay sight unseen (I just became sick of trying on gowns, pushy saleswomen, and the wedding industry). We were married in Key West on the Liberty Clipper at sunset. It sails between Boston and Keys, so keep your eyes open for it. It’s popped up in friend’s photos of Boston a few times. There just 14 of us (including Chris and I), the day was perfection. Cheers!

Our anniversary was lovely. Chris surprised me with an hour and a half massage and acupuncture. That was super timely since I was hit by a car riding my bike the day before. I’m okay, but my body is very sore. The massage was needed! Now a bunch of photos…


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