Cozy Corduroy Beignet

I made this skirt about 2 months ago but never posted photos. I made a second version of the Colette Patterns “Beignet” pattern and I’m in major like with it! This skirt is WARM.  I used some soft gray corduroy that I found at the Knitten Kitten (a thrift store for fabric) for the shell. I also used leftover silk habotai for the lining, and some adorable cowboy print quilting cotton (found at the Laurelhurst neighborhood garage sale) for the facings and pockets. I had all of the supplies in my stash, so I can pretend it cost nothing to make.

Using silk as a lining fabric not only feels luxurious, it’s also so incredibly warm. This skirt is a joy to wear in the wintertime. I had no idea that such a thin material could be so insulating. I do a lot of backpacking and skiing, so I’m very familiar with a lot of the synthetic and wool base layers in the market. Now I want to get silk long underwear. That sounds so lush and cozy. I feel like I’ve just discovered a great secret even though silk has been available for thousands of years.

Even though this pattern is an intermediate level difficulty, the wonderful Colette directions make this a cinch to put together. The most difficult part is attaching the lining to the facings. You need to attach a convex curve to a concave curve (or maybe it’s the other way around). I had to rip it out once due to puckers, but it’s sitting in there nicely now.

The only thing I dislike about this skirt, has to do with the fabric. The corduroy has so much body it sits away from my hips and I feel I look a little wide in it. I’m slightly pear-shaped so this is an area of concern for me. Corduroy was a pain to work with as well. It frayed so much and left fuzz balls everywhere. I had to use a fluffy towel while pressing to avoid crushing the nap. It just felt like too much work. I have about 4 yards of brown corduroy I picked up at the thrift shop that I’ve put off working with in the mean time. My trench coat will have to wait until I want to deal with that again. Despite that, I’m very pleased with this skirt. I’ve worn it about 10 times since I made it, so it’s definitely a keeper. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Cozy Corduroy Beignet

  1. I looove it. Probably my favorite thing I have seen so far. When I am done losing baby weight I would wear the heck outta a skirt like this. Super duper cuteness.

  2. That sucks that the cord was so hard to work with but I have to say that it looks so lush. One of the versions of this skirt yet.

    I have been ignoring this pattern for a while. Bought teal corduroy and everything. But when I get to it eventually I will remember to go for a silk lining. The winter is so long in England and I’ll take warmth from wherever I can!

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