Current Projects and a little Thrifting

Last night I decided to make my mister a tie to match my holiday cocktail dress. I used the free pattern available as a PDF from the Purl Bee. You can get a copy here, if you’re so inclined:

It came out super stiff and really short. If I were to make it again, I’d add several inches to the middle. I do love how skinny it is. We’re going to look straight out of Mad Men. If only I could convince him to wear a pair of vanity horn rimmed glasses. I still have enough of this fabric to possibly make a clutch purse. Do you think that is too matchy-matchy?

This was the first time he's "successfully" tied a tie.

Today, I went over to my friend Sofia’s and we had a sewing party. I helped her make some little aprons for her nieces and I was able to cut out my next project. I HATE CUTTING! It’s so boring. I was able to get over my fear of the rotary cutter, that does help speed things along.

I’m making Mr. F this sweet 70’s western shirt out of this super cozy plaid flannel. I’m making view B, with the rodeo announcer yoke. I think I’m really going to enjoy using vintage patterns, because they are usually cut (have I mentioned how boring I think cutting is?).


I told him I was going to make him a shirt for his birthday (in September) which I never got around to. I really need to get this done before we leave for Christmas vacation. It’ll be the most badass Christmas shirt ever!

In other news, I went to one of the thrift stores near my house and scored 4 yards of this 60″ wide upholstery fabric. It’s camel colored and will soon become a cape. I’ve been lusting over capes recently. Today I saw someone wearing one and she looked so chic. That will be me. I also have 16 holiday napkins which I plan on upcycling into the most obnoxious Christmas skirt an ugly-sweater-party has ever seen. I’m stoked.

I also found a picture of a beaver.


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