What I’ve done so far.

This first thing I made were bandanas for my dogs. You can tell by the photo how enthusiastic they are about them.

He hates life right now

I followed that up by a purse made for my sisters graduation. I’ve never seen her use it 🙂

My family has put up with me giving clumsy gifts for the past year

Next up, a little bit better, pot holders and an apron for my Yaya (that’s my g-ma folks). She loves them, that’s why grandmas are the best people. Then I started getting interested in sewing clothes. I appliqued cutesy owls to a skirt  (I never wear this) Cheesy cheesy cheesy.

I copied these owl from a library book

Then I made my first garment, a skirt in icky, quilting cotton. People, I swear I have taste. I didn’t feel like learning how to hem yet, so I bound the bottom in bias binding. I was super pleased with myself and wore this on the fourth of July.

I'm super fucking pleased with myself.

At this point in my sewing voyage, I’d become completely smitten with making things. I became a voracious reader of sewing blogs and books. Absorbing as much knowledge as possible and I decided to focus on making clothes.

My next victim was my husband, poor guy.

I made him laugh. He's not normally this excited

I actually really like how this shirt came out. Unfortunately it only lasted two washings. Apparently you need to finish your seams.

I even tried piping, although I didn't bother looking up the proper way to do it. Baby steps people.

Next I made Beignet by Colette Patterns. This came out awesome, I’m on fire!

❤ It's pink and has glamorous ladies from the 50's on the facings.

Next up 2 missteps. I caught the romper bug and it’s a mistake. Not flattering at all. Probably because I’m not 5. Oh well, they can’t all be wins.

I wont ever post the back of this one!

The next is a floral dress that was looking good until I royally messed up the neck band. I still wear it, I don’t care.

Best viewed from far away

I made my little sisters 22nd birthday dress. She looked awesome.

She's a ham.

I used Simplicity 2406. We’re really good dancers. Then Halloween came. I went as Babraham Lincoln and my husband as Sexy John Wilkes Booth.

This is so sexy I give myself a boner looking at it.

That my friends is about 6 months of work and ya’ll are up to date.


3 thoughts on “What I’ve done so far.

  1. The pink skirt is amazing. You ARE on fire. The only thing I make that is cute are babies. Keep sewing, someday someone will pay you all of their dollars.

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