Autumn/ Winter Sewing Plans

I’m starting to come up with a plan for my cold weather sewing and I thought I’d share them with you.

I’ve already mentioned the coat I want to make with some Pendleton wool. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make to make McCall’s 6442 with it. I just love the hood. I will most likely begin work on that in mid October.

I also really want to make a  winter weight dress. All of my dresses are light cotton or rayon. I have some pretty blue wool, and I’d like to make something inspired by what Kenley wore on episode 3 of this season’s   Project Runway. I don’t think I’ll do the contrast cuffs though. I have some seed pearl beads and I’d like to bedazzle the peter pan collar with them and make a matching cream colored belt.

Mostly, I want to make separates. I’ve already started work on that front. I love the look of short circle skirts for fall, like this one. I’ve already made one in brown corduroy. I’m just letting it hang right now so I can hem it. I also have black corduroy to make a second.

I’m planning on making a few bow-tie blouses and shells with some of my lighter 1 yard cuts of fabric. I’m going to start work today on the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s book. That will use up the rest of the cotton gauze I made the yoke of Macaron with. I have some floral rayon to make a long sleeves blouse with. Between my brown and black skirt I should be able to mix and match an eclectic wardrobe. The rest to be decided.

I also want to make some more items with knit fabric. I already made a sweatshirt with the free Dolman Sleeve Pattern that Cindy from Cation Designs released. It’s super cute and I’ll post photos as soon as I can get the mister to take some. If you follow me on Instagram this is old news (my user name is cynbular). I also won a PDF T-shirt pattern from MariaDenmark. It will make some great layering shirts.

Today, I had a pretty amazing thrift store find and picked up an entire bolt of nice stretch denim for $25. The fabric came from Columbia Sportswear and is 60″ wide. I think there’s about 10-15 yards, I haven’t measured it. I’ll definately try my hand at jeans. I think i’ll start with Clover and then make a more traditional jean, as well as a pair for the mister.

I also want to have the Bombshell Dress done, if not by the holidays, then by my birthday at the end of February.

Looking at the list it seems pretty daunting so I’m not sure how much I’ll finish, but it’s nice to have a plan and goals to work towards.

xx, Cynthia

A Toile Toile

How annoying is that title? Hahaha. These shorts are actually a wearable muslin. My little sister’s birthday is coming up and she wants a pair of shorts for her present.

We went to the Pendleton Mill Outlet with the intention of getting some wool to make a winter short. But, that’s not what caught her eye. We picked up a super fun, snakeskin print twill.

She wants a menswear inspired short (honestly, Thurlow would be perfect). I have McCall’s 5391 in the stash and gave it a try. This pattern isn’t quite what she wants. On her version I’m going to add patch pockets to the rear (I think), and she definitely wants a cuff.

These are a straight make of view A, with the buttoned belt loops from F. Her measurements are just about the same as mine so I cut these in a size 12. I haven’t be en able to fit them on her yet, but I like them on me.

I inherited a small fabric stash, as well as my sewing machine, when my friend Leslie moved across country. I have tons of this home decor cotton toile fabric (about 4 yards) in the above mentioned stash. It is the perfect weight for a pair of pants, so I made these as carefully as I would on the final version. I really like how they came out. They’re super preppy :).

I made no fitting changes and these were a fairly fast make. I spent about 4 hours total on them. The only difficulty I had was on the zipper.

The pattern calls this a “mock fly”. I’ve never made a fly before, so I’m not sure what the difference is. The instructions were very confusing, and the illustrations weren’t very helpful either. I had to read them aloud a few times, and I’m not sure if I got it right. The zipper looks good enough, so I’m not too concerned. I’ll consult a book when I make my sister’s, so I can make her a proper fly.

The only other “issue” is that, as drafted, view A is hella short. When I make these again for myself, I think I’ll add 2 inches. Even my husband said they were short! You know men, nothing can be too tight or short for them. My sis is almost 4 inches shorter than me, so they should be perfect on her.

All in all, I think this pattern is a winner. It feels like wearing a RTW short. I’m working on getting used to things at my natural waist, but I never wore them before I started sewing. This has a comfortable low to midrise.

xx, Cynthia


I’m about to make ya’ll super jealous. Yesterday, my friend sent me a text that she was at the Pendleton Outlet in Washougal, WA. I pounced on that and asked her if she saw anything reasonably priced (less than $20 a yard) in a pretty red, I’d love some.

I’ve been thinking about McCalls 6442 for my big sewing project for fall. It has the twirl factor of Colette’s Lady Grey, but also includes a hood which IMO is crucial for a rainy Oregon fall-winter-spring. I envision looking like Little Red Riding Hood. I’m also well on my way to having all the supplies needed. I went to a crazy hoarder estate sale about a month ago, and got several yards of horsehair interfacing and shoulder pads (amongst a million other sewing doodads for pennies).

Anyways, she text me back that she found a pretty red and black checked fabric that was only $5.99 a yard, what?!?!?!? So, she picked me up 4 yards of the prettiest, softest, drapiest, lovely wool for $25. I was ecstatic when I saw what was waiting for me. Bonkers, right?

I has such pretty drape I’m not sure if a wrap coat is the right use of the fabric. Although, I’m sure the flare if the peplum would look so beautiful, cascading from my hips. This will need to be underlined for body and warmth. I’ve gotten such a steal on all of my supplies so far, I think I’ll splurge on a silk lining.

Now that I’ve seen the fabric my mind is thinking of a hundred other projects to use it for, such as a circle skirt, Gertie’s Starlight Suit jacket, fitted sheath dress, a vintage looking cape with a notched collar. Oi vey, there are so many possibilities in a flat length of fabric. Opinions please?

In other sewing news, I’m making another western shirt for the mister. I royally effed up on it, so I’ve been unpicking stitches forever. I didn’t catch that I’d put one of the shoulder seams in backwards until I’d flat-felled it and both topstitched and edgestitched the yoke down. Yikes!

Fabric Splurge and Sewing Plans

So today is my 29th birthday and yesterday I went to the fabric store with birthday cash and gift certificates in hand. Boy oh boy, do I have some very generous loved ones. I feel very blessed and happy with my life so far. I’ve got everything in the wash right now and I’m plotting all of my spring/ summer sewing. It’s kind of funny, because before we set out I had in my head to look for soft pastels, laces and eyelets. That is not what caught my eye. Everything is bold, muy caliente!

I went to the Mill End which is the most AHHH-MAZING fabric store I’ve been to. if you’re in the Portland area I highly recommend going there. The selection of apparel fabric is much nicer than at Fabric Depot, which is more quilting oriented.

I picked up this beautiful sheer silk chiffon, and magenta rayon to make the Colette patterns Macaron dress. The store said the silk is Anna Sui and it is to die for. This photo does not do it justice. I’ve been picturing in my mind sheer fabric for the t-shirt portion to make this into an elegant and easy dress that can be worn day and night.






Ialso grabbed 4 yards of this bright and playful stripe print fabric. I’m undecided on what pattern to make it with but I want to play with the grainlines. I’m thinking a chevron effect on the bodice, sleeve and skirt oriented different ways.

I also got 3 yards of this adorable bow-print cotton lawn (end of the bolt too). I think this is Marc by Marc Jacobs. I want to make Simplicity 2444. Short sleeves, scoop neck, fitted bodice and a full above-the-knee skirt. I think it will look like something Zooey Deschanel would wear if it comes out the way I envision.

Last but not least, this black and white geometric cotton lawn. I also purchased some hot pink piping to make the design lines pop. My original plan was to use this for the Colette Pattern’s Ceylon, but I’m also thinking Vogue 1174 would be lovely too. This fabric might be too busy for Ceylon. I’m a wee bit apprehensive about making Ceylon because it was the first sewing pattern that I wanted to make. Psychologically, I still feel like I’m not good enough,

I think I’m going to make the bow dress first, since that seems like it will be the least complicated. I want easy after my birthday dress. I am so excited, and now I have to go be a creep and stroke and pet my new fabric.

Vogue 1227: A Sneak Peak

So I basically finished my birthday dress last night. This dress is TIGHT. I need a buddy to help me get into it. I’m pretty sure that means I overfitted, but it’s sort of a necessity. I probably could stand to have about 1 cm more ease in the bodice, but this thing is banging and I’m not ripping out any of those seams or the topstitching. I’ll just make sure to not eat a big meal when I wear this. This photo is super crappy because I took it with my cell phone to show my husband. I had no plans for it to make my blog, but I wanted to share my progress. And now the reason why I don’t have a better photo to show…

WTF?!?!?! As of last night at 10:30 I only had to finish slip stitching the bodice lining down and I would have been done. But then tragedy struck (yes, I’m being a little dramatic). I tried it on to show my husband when he got home from work, and the zipper split!!!!! I think having a dress this tight was just too much for that poor plastic invisible zipper. I’m pissed, because I had that baby in perfectly. Now I need to get another zipper before this will be finished. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make it to the zipper store.

Since the invisible zipper broke I think I need to get something more substantial. I’m toying with the idea of getting a thick metal zip and leaving it exposed in the back. My only concern is that I think the exposed zip trend is over. Stupid fracking zipper!

A New Hope

Soooo… I decided the cure for a blah project made with blah fabric, was to buy the most beautiful fabric I could find. My gorgeous and talented Aunt Carter sent me a gift card to Fabric Depot for Christmas. I went “over-budget” by $25, but I got all of the supplies (except for interfacing) for my birthday party dress. Nerd alert: Make a pretty dress, I will (Yoda speak).

I bought 3 yards of the loveliest emerald green silk dupioni I’ve ever seen. I think this is the most money I will ever spend on fabric, but I’ve been feeling low recently and indulged in a little retail therapy. I also bought some celery green rayon bemberg lining. It looks yellow in this photo, but it’s almost lime green. I think the bright celery green, peaking out under the folds of the skirt will be a nice and fun contrast. In addition to the fabric, I also bought a matching zipper, thread, and boning.

I’m excited about working with the boning. While I never wrote a post detailing sewing goals for the new year, they include trying new skills such as using boning, making bound buttonholes, and drafting my own personal sloper.

What, dear readers, you may ask am I making with this special fabric? I’m going to try my hand at Vogue 1227, a Rebecca Taylor design. My 29th birthday is a little over a month away so hopefully this will give me enough time to make a muslin (or two) and get the fit perfect. I want to look bangin’, in a sexy mini dress before I leave my twenties.

Back to my talented Aunt Carter, she has an album available for download on Amazon you should check out. She sings jazz and Broadway standards and has the raddest singing voice. She’s playing Patsy Cline right now in “Always Patsy Cline”, she’s awesome! Carter Calvert & the Roger Cohen Trio 

Current Projects and a little Thrifting

Last night I decided to make my mister a tie to match my holiday cocktail dress. I used the free pattern available as a PDF from the Purl Bee. You can get a copy here, if you’re so inclined:

It came out super stiff and really short. If I were to make it again, I’d add several inches to the middle. I do love how skinny it is. We’re going to look straight out of Mad Men. If only I could convince him to wear a pair of vanity horn rimmed glasses. I still have enough of this fabric to possibly make a clutch purse. Do you think that is too matchy-matchy?

This was the first time he's "successfully" tied a tie.

Today, I went over to my friend Sofia’s and we had a sewing party. I helped her make some little aprons for her nieces and I was able to cut out my next project. I HATE CUTTING! It’s so boring. I was able to get over my fear of the rotary cutter, that does help speed things along.

I’m making Mr. F this sweet 70′s western shirt out of this super cozy plaid flannel. I’m making view B, with the rodeo announcer yoke. I think I’m really going to enjoy using vintage patterns, because they are usually cut (have I mentioned how boring I think cutting is?).


I told him I was going to make him a shirt for his birthday (in September) which I never got around to. I really need to get this done before we leave for Christmas vacation. It’ll be the most badass Christmas shirt ever!

In other news, I went to one of the thrift stores near my house and scored 4 yards of this 60″ wide upholstery fabric. It’s camel colored and will soon become a cape. I’ve been lusting over capes recently. Today I saw someone wearing one and she looked so chic. That will be me. I also have 16 holiday napkins which I plan on upcycling into the most obnoxious Christmas skirt an ugly-sweater-party has ever seen. I’m stoked.

I also found a picture of a beaver.